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Sony’s pricey Ultra video-streaming service goes live today, but you'll need a new high-end 4K Sony TV to use it

Just spent thousands on a Sony 4K HDR TV? Get ready to pay a premium to enjoy it to the fullest.

office 2016 for mac excel

Add-ins are coming to Microsoft Office for Mac

Office for Mac's forthcoming add-in support is one of a number of new add-in features coming to Microsoft's productivity suite.

20160127 intel superbowl city

Intel's new SSDs are advance scouts for cutting-edge NVMe storage tech

With its latest SSDs, Intel is paving the way for fast, standard NVMe connections in storage systems for both more and less adventurous users.


Gmail April Fools' prank yanked after Minion mic drop GIFs wreak havoc on people's lives

It's all fun and games until someone loses their job due on April Fools' Day.

20160331 qi lu build16

Microsoft pitches developers on building applications for Office users

The company hopes new capabilities in Microsoft Graph, and for running apps inside Office, will inspire developers.

20160331 scott guthrie build16

Microsoft fires back at AWS with Azure Functions service and more

On Thursday, Microsoft Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie fired back at Amazon in the ongoing public cloud wars with a set of new announcements of capabilities for Microsoft's Azure cloud platform.

gmc 16 01 broadwellphotography waferandprocessor 1 rgb white sm

Intel's 22-core Broadwell chips will speed up cloud services

Intel continues to jack up the number of CPU cores in its chips, on Thursday releasing a new line of Xeon E5-2600 v4 which have up to 22 cores.


New Facebook Messenger bot helps you manage your flights

Dutch airline KLM can now deliver travel information via Facebook Messenger.

IBM logo

IBM to buy consulting specialist Bluewolf

IBM sees customers of as key to growing revenue at its Global Business Services consulting division.


Skype is getting infused with conversational “bots”

Microsoft’s Skype bots promise to arrange appointments, order food, and book hotels, and more.

justin watras brooks brothers

How the cloud is transforming HR

Cloud computing promises benefits in numerous functional areas, but in few has the impact been felt as keenly as in human resources.


Banish Netflix's 'Continue watching' pop-up with Flix Assist

A handy Chrome extension stops the 'continue watching' dialog and kills the 30-second intermission between episodes.

Microsoft tay ai twitter chatbot

Microsoft 'deeply sorry' for Tay chatbot, will bring it back when 'vulnerability' is fixed

Microsoft said it completely underestimated how the Internet would use the Tay chatbot to promote "wildly inappropriate and reprehensible words and images."


After its first failed attempt, Redbox could return to online video with Redbox Digital

Redbox is coming up with a new online video store for rental and purchase called Redbox Digital.

Microsoft tay ai twitter chatbot

Microsoft says it's making 'adjustments' to Tay chatbot after Internet 'abuse'

Microsoft's 'social experiment' revealed a lot about Internet culture.