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lenovo all-in-one

Windows 8 not saving the PC industry as shipments decline

With the holiday shopping season over, it's clearer than ever that tablets are cutting deeply into traditional PC sales, even after the launch of Windows 8.


mock android laptop

Touchscreen proliferation could open desktop to Android

As more and more PCs have touchscreens, door opens wider for Google's mobile operating system. Perhaps Android could challenge Windows on its own turf.

The 10 best PCs of CES 2013

With fascinating interpretations of what a Windows 8 device can be, the CES gadget fest still offered high points for PC enthusiasts. Behold the 10 best machines we saw.

Gigabyte wants you to build your own all-in-one

Gigabyte and Intel try to prove that DIY is not dead in the PC world, offering components that let users build their own AIO PCs.

CES reveals the four new rules of PC simplicity

2013's crop of new PCs will be versatile, powerful, and most importantly, simple to use.

Xi3, Valve join forces on a compact gaming PC for your HDTV

This little black box could bring PC games out of the corner and into your living room.

Vizio doubles down on Windows 8 at CES (video)

Vizio comes to Vegas bearing new laptops, desktops, and a brand-new Windows 8 tablet.


Mobile takes center stage at CES startup showcase (video)

We look at seven standouts from Sunday night's Startup Debut event at International CES, all of whom offer a mobile focus.


Lenovo storms CES with a deluge of Windows 8 hardware (Video)

From buttoned-up business machines to a watercooled gaming rig, Lenovo unleashes a flurry of eclectic Windows 8 hardware. This is one company that takes CES very, very seriously.

Windows 8 will be big at CES 2013, despite Microsoft's absence

Microsoft might not have a booth presence at CES this year, but Windows 8 will still make a big splash thanks to partner offerings. Behold a cavalcade of hardware!

Future Tech 2013: The PCs, tablets and cutting-edge hardware of tomorrow

Tablets that perform like high-end PCs. TVs with gesture control. Big sensors in small cameras. The hardware of tomorrow will blow your mind.


Giada announces compact ARM-based Android desktop

Giada, known for making downsized PCs, has announced two ARM-based desktop computers that will be shipping "soon" with Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Portable all-in-one PCs to be the next big collaboration tool

The art of collaboration has retrogressed since the days of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The all-in-one PC--equal parts tablet and laptop--could mean the end of the speaker in front of the room nervously waiting for questions that knock him down a few pegs. That's a good thing, columnist Rob Enderle suggests.


Apple and Lenovo desktop PCs tops in satisfaction

In our reader survey evaluating desktop satisfaction and reliability, performance was the most critical feature.

45,000 PCWorld readers name the brands they love (and love to hate)

Who makes the most reliable computers and gadgets? We asked a small army of PCWorld readers to rate the companies that made their desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and printers. The results might change your perceptions of which companies to trust.