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13 new Windows machines that aren't Surface RT

There's plenty to get excited for when it comes to Microsoft's new operating system, and here's an easy to digest list of the best hardware to be released.

AMD's new FX chips let gamers build faster PCs at lower prices

Advanced Micro Devices Tuesday introduced 8-core FX series chips for desktops with prices under $200 in units of 1,000, giving gamers the ability to build faster PCs at lower prices.

Live Blog: Apple's More to Show event

Apple will hold a press briefing on Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 10 a.m. PT. Jason Snell and Dan Moren will be on hand as the company unveils its latest creation.


Windows 7 to Windows 8: The system's biggest improvements

The most talked-about issue in the lead-up to Microsoft's launch of Windows 8 is the new Start screen, featuring the Modern UI. But Windows 8 has so much more than just a revamped interface.

Five reasons to try the new Razor-qt Linux desktop

Particularly on older hardware, this lightweight contender can offer a speedy alternative.

Acer adds two new all-in-One PCs to Windows 8 lineup

Acer on Monday announced several additions to its Windows 8 device lineup including two new all-in-one PC models and two touch-ready high definition monitors.

Is all your gear Windows 8 compatible?

Some notebooks and peripherals are Windows 8-challenged. Here's the 411 on what plays nice with the new OS.

Windows 8 PC and tablet pre-orders begin

Windows 8 PC sales start Friday with major online retailers including Best Buy, Dell, Staples, Tiger Direct, and yes, the Home Shopping Network taking pre-orders for Windows 8 PCs and tablets.

Sony reaches the Windows 8 finish line first with two quirky tablets

One is an all-in-one desktop that doubles as a gigantic tablet. The other is an 11.6-inch tablet with a nifty slide-out keyboard.

PC sales drop: Blame Windows 8?

Customers waiting for Windows 8, as well as businesses completing the refresh of their inventories, triggered a dip in PC sales that may recover by year-end.

Acer is latest PC maker to reveal its Windows 8 lineup

Acer on Thursday announced more notebook additions to its Windows 8 device lineup.


Windows 8 questions

Windows 8: Nine unanswered questions about the new OS

Despite the looming launch date, a handful of questions remain about Windows 8, mostly related to the software and services that will play a big role in Microsoft's next operating system. Here's what we still don't know as the launch of Windows 8 approaches.

10 reasons why the desktop PC will live forever

Desktops are definitely not dead, and tablets and laptops aren't necessarily the future.


Michael Dell

Michael Dell on Surface tablet: 'The impact will be limited'

Dell's desktops roots are deep, but Michael Dell is quickly moving his company toward cloud services, hybrids notebooks, and Windows 8 devices. He explains all in a PCWorld Q&A.

HP beefs up Windows 8 gear with stylish laptops and business PCs

Hewlett-Packard adds ultraportables, stylish notebooks, and two desktop PC to its Windows 8 lineup.