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Microsoft Office 2013, Windows 8 Launch Date, Digital Photography PC, New Games

PCWorld editors discuss the the Microsoft Office 2013 Launch Event, Windows ship dates, building a photography PC and new games.

Apple Security Guru Unveils iPad, iPhone Encryption

A presentation at the Black Hat security conference featured an in-depth view into the security architecture for iOS, the basis of iPhones and iPad tablets.

Mac Store Asks for Retina-Ready App Icons

Developers are now required to provide Retina-ready 1024-by-1024 icons when submitting an app to Apple's Mac App Store.

Raspberry Pi Gets Even Sweeter With This Optimized Raspbian OS Update

Raspberry Pi gets its first optimized OS release--called Raspbian--which much faster web browsing.


Who Wants to Be in the PC Business? Not Dell

Have you noticed that it's just not so cool to be in the PC business these days? Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell, said this week that the "new Dell" really isn't in the PC business anymore.

System Sales Estimates Disputed

Gartner's research suggests only Apple is increasing its market share in the PC market, but other trend-watchers say all worldwide shipments are down.

Back to School Sales Aren't Only for Students

Deals are already appearing, so it's not too soon to shop around for laptops, tablets, accessories and the seasonal Apple back-to-school special. Here's an overview.

Gigamon Set to Go Public, Could Fetch $100M

Advanced network management and visibility tools are thought to be important to future IT deployments, as cloud computing, BYOD and other factors fuel an increase in the complexity and load size that business networks must handle.

PC Sales Slip as Shoppers Wait

With Windows 8 expected in a matter of months and new tablets arriving, even ultrabooks aren't enticing enough to loosen pocketbooks.

Wall Street Beat: Hardware Hits Headwinds, Software Picture Clears up

While hardware and components makers face economic hurdles, the picture for software is getting brighter, according to earnings reports from major vendors and...

Mac Sales Slump, IDC Says

Apple sold fewer Macs in the U.S. during the second quarter than during the same period last year, its first decline in three years.

Apple Admits Mistake, Says It's Back in EPEAT

UPDATE: In a rare admission of error, Apple said Friday that it's back in good environmental standing.

Tablets, Smartphones Still Hammering PC Market

Tablets and smartphones -- and users' infatuation with them -- continue to pummel the PC market.