Don't-Miss Desktop Stories

Windows 8 Supposedly to Be Delivered to Manufacturers in July

Getting Windows 8 to partners by July is important for Microsoft for several reasons.


Summer Tech Gear Blowout

Here are fifteen of the coolest, most useful, or just really interesting gadgets you can get your hands on now or very soon. We got a peek at a preview CE Week 2012, starting June 25 in New York.


HP Gives Thin-client Treatment to Passport Internet Monitor

Hewlett-Packard has given a twist to the traditional all-in-one PC design with a new thin client it calls an "Internet monitor" that started shipping on Thursday...

Facebook Buys; Prepare for Easier Photo Tagging

With the acquisition and others, it's clear that Facebook is turning a lot more attention to mobile photo-sharing.


36-Year-Old Apple Computer Sells for $374,500

The vintage Apple-1 keeps growing in value from its original $666.66 price tag; a note from Steve Jobs also drew interest at auction.

TechHive: Vizio's New PCs-- A Scouting Report

If Vizio gets the usability of these new computers right, they could make big waves in the PC business this fall.

Vizio Enters PC Business, Ships Ivy Bridge Systems Starting at $898

Vizio, known for its TVs, entered the PC business Thursday, announcing new laptops and all-in-ones that all start at the same price, $898.

Affordable Intel Ivy Bridge Core i3 Processors Coming in Late June

By the time back-to-school shopping begins, we should have our pick of budget Ivy Bridge laptops and desktops.


Apple Adds iPad to Back-to-School Promotion

Apple is offering $100 gift cards to customers who buy a qualifying Mac and $50 to those who purchase a third-generation iPad.

Microsoft Extends Visual Studio Express 2012 to Desktop Apps

Developers were unhappy with the lack of desktop application support.

2012’s 25 Geekiest 25th Anniversaries

Here's a look back at the most memorable events and products from 1987.

WWDC 2012 Preview: What to Expect from Apple

Apple's WWDC 2012 will include purported refreshes to almost the entire Mac lineup, Facebook integration for iOS, Siri integration for the iPad, as well as sneak peeks at iOS 6.

Is It a Laptop? A Tablet? Whatever, PC Makers Just Hope You'll Buy It

One thing apparent at Computex this week is that computer makers really aren't sure what consumers want in a PC, and they're throwing everything at the wall to...

Hard Drive Prices to Remain High Until 2014

A new report from IHS iSuppli states that drive prices that skyrocketed after flooding in Thailand will remain high for the next couple of years.

TechHive: Doing the E3 Shuffle

It’s the smaller meetings and the chance encounters that really make the show worth seeing. Here is one reporter's journey.