Don't-Miss Desktop Stories

Apple's EPEAT Withdrawal Raises Recycling, Disassembly Concerns

Apple's decision to withdraw products from the EPEAT standard it helped implement has raised concerns among industry observers and environmentalists.

Microsoft Patches Critical Drive-by IE9 Bug, Windows Zero-day

Microsoft today patched 16 vulnerabilities, including one in Windows that's been exploited for weeks and two in Internet Explorer 9 (IE9).

The IBM PS/2: 25 Years of PC History

Here's a fond look back at the Personal System/2 series of PCs, which embarrassed IBM in the late 1980s but shaped the modern PC you know today.

DNSChanger Doomsday Threat Fizzled--Just as It Should Have

You might see the whole DNSChanger ordeal as overblown. On the other hand, the information campaign worked.

Windows 8 Upgrade Offer: $40, Even if Upgrading From Win XP

The promotion runs through January 31, 2013, and applies to purchases made through


Kinect Brings the Magic to Windows PCs

Earlier this year, Microsoft released Kinect for Windows -- a version of the motion-control Xbox peripheral that works out-of-the-box with a PC running Windows 7...

HP Improves Thin Client Performance With New Tool

Hewlett-Packard's new Velocity software helps IT staff optimize network performance for users who work on its thin or zero clients, the company said on...

Casemod Turns Your Desk Into a PC, Looks Stellar

This clever casemod looks like it costs thousands of dollars to make. It actually only required some plywood and a few extras.


Windows 8 Supposedly to Be Delivered to Manufacturers in July

Getting Windows 8 to partners by July is important for Microsoft for several reasons.


Summer Tech Gear Blowout

Here are fifteen of the coolest, most useful, or just really interesting gadgets you can get your hands on now or very soon. We got a peek at a preview CE Week 2012, starting June 25 in New York.


HP Gives Thin-client Treatment to Passport Internet Monitor

Hewlett-Packard has given a twist to the traditional all-in-one PC design with a new thin client it calls an "Internet monitor" that started shipping on Thursday...

Facebook Buys; Prepare for Easier Photo Tagging

With the acquisition and others, it's clear that Facebook is turning a lot more attention to mobile photo-sharing.


36-Year-Old Apple Computer Sells for $374,500

The vintage Apple-1 keeps growing in value from its original $666.66 price tag; a note from Steve Jobs also drew interest at auction.