Don't-Miss Desktop Stories

Intel Small Business Advantage Manages PC Security and Performance

Intel has developed Small Business Advantage (SBA) as a framework for business PCs to provide a one-stop portal for managing and configuring security and performance functions.

Intel's First Ivy Bridge Chips Won't Be for Ultrabooks

Intel said Tuesday that its first Core processors based on the Ivy Bridge microarchitecture will go into high-end desktops and laptops.

Windows 8 Will Come in Four Versions

After years of criticism that the OS came in too many different editions, Microsoft's move should eliminate much of the confusion.

Intel's Ivy Bridge 3D Chips May Launch April 23

Ivy Bridge is Intel's codename for its follow-up to the Sandy Bridge processor family.

Lenovo Gains Over Dell as World's Second-largest PC Maker

Lenovo extended its lead over Dell as the world's second-largest PC maker.

Microsoft Patches Critical Windows Zero-day Bug That Hackers Are Now Exploiting

Microsoft Tuesday delivered six security updates to patch 11 vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer, Office and several other products.

Windows 3.1: Twenty Years Later

Two decades ago, Microsoft launched Windows 3.1. This first attempt to move beyond the operating system's DOS roots introduced many features we recognize in Windows today.

Mac Trojan Infections Exceed Half Million, Expert Says

Most of the computers harboring the Flashback botnet are in the United States and Canada, pretending to be a Mac software update or a Java updater.

Sync Your Android Tablet with Your PC

Ready to stock your tablet with music, videos, and other goodies from your PC? Here are your options.


Pass Down Your Old PC

Make your secondhand desktop or laptop run like new, then set it up so your kids practice safe computing.

5 Annoying Help Desk Calls - And How to Banish Them

Free your help desk staff and empower your IT customers by eliminating these five all-too-common calls.

Dell Buys Wyse to Continue Evolution to 'Not Really a PC Company'

Michael Dell wants to change the perception of the Dell brand to extend beyond the PC market, and the acquisition of Wyse grows Dell's portfolio to do just that.

Tablets Favored Over Laptops, Say Small Business Owners: Survey

Small business owners say their next purchase is more likely to be a tablet than a laptop or desktop, according to a poll by the Small Business Authority.

Dell Agrees to Buy Thin-client Company Wyse Technology

Dell has signed an agreement to acquire thin-client hardware and software company Wyse Technology, to expand its desktop virtualization offerings.

Intel Ivy Bridge Chips: Launch Dates Leaked

Should you buy a laptop now with a second-generation Intel Sandy Bridge processor or hold out for the next-generation chip? Here's a schedule of what's coming up and when.