Don't-Miss Desktop Stories

Look, Ma! A PC with no Power Plug!

HP has launched a new zero client that uses "one wire" technology to deliver power over Ethernet.

Why Linux Is a Desktop Flop

It's robust, easy to use, and free. So why isn't it more widely adopted?

LG to Launch Cloud for Sharing Content Across Smartphones, TVs and PCs

LG Electronics will launch a beta of its LG Cloud service on Tuesday that will allow users to access content across various electronic devices.

HP Omni 27 All-in-One Core i5 PC, $1000

Use a coupon code at the HP Home & Home Office Store and pay only $1000 for HP's 27-inch all-in-one PC.

Lenovo Expands Recall of ThinkCentre Desktops Due to Fire Hazard

Lenovo is expanding the recall of some ThinkCentre all-in-ones due to a component defect that can cause the PCs to overheat and catch fire, the U.S. Consumer...

13 Quad-Core Intel Ivy Bridge Chips Expected

The first wave of Ivy Bridge chips reportedly include 13 quad-core processors and are designed for desktops. Dual-core processors for Ultrabooks and other hardware will roll out later this spring.

How Five Tech Companies Will Go Green for Earth Day

Long-life light bulbs, eco-friendly smartphones, and easier ways to shop for earth-friendly cars are some of the green projects tech companies will show off this Earth Day.


Samsung Claims Apple Infringed Eight Patents in Reply to Apple Suit

Samsung Electronics alleged in a counterclaim to an Apple patent infringement lawsuit in a federal court in California that the maker of the iPhone and iPad has...

Intel Small Business Advantage Manages PC Security and Performance

Intel has developed Small Business Advantage (SBA) as a framework for business PCs to provide a one-stop portal for managing and configuring security and performance functions.

Intel's First Ivy Bridge Chips Won't Be for Ultrabooks

Intel said Tuesday that its first Core processors based on the Ivy Bridge microarchitecture will go into high-end desktops and laptops.

Windows 8 Will Come in Four Versions

After years of criticism that the OS came in too many different editions, Microsoft's move should eliminate much of the confusion.

Intel's Ivy Bridge 3D Chips May Launch April 23

Ivy Bridge is Intel's codename for its follow-up to the Sandy Bridge processor family.

Lenovo Gains Over Dell as World's Second-largest PC Maker

Lenovo extended its lead over Dell as the world's second-largest PC maker.