Don't-Miss Display Stories

Microsoft Closes Perceptive Pixel Deal

The company's large, touch displays are expected to boost Microsoft's collaboration products like Lync.

Tech Turns London Olympics Audience into a Gigantic TV Screen

Each audience member waved a ten-inch paddle outfitted with nine full-color LCD squares to work together to broadcast images.


Mac Store Asks for Retina-Ready App Icons

Developers are now required to provide Retina-ready 1024-by-1024 icons when submitting an app to Apple's Mac App Store.

TechHive: How Rock Concert Tech Works

The people who produce rock concerts are always looking for new ways to thrill and surprise us, and they're increasingly turning to technology to do it. Here's how some of the major components of the "big show" work.

The Business Benefits of Adding a Second Monitor

You can give your productivity a serious boost by connecting a second monitor. But will any old LCD do? Here are some features worth considering.

Run a Retina MacBook Pro at Full 2880-by-1800 Resolution, Induce Eye Strain

Are your retinas ready? One avid Apple user reveals how to run the new MacBook Pro at its highest resolution of 2880-by-1800 resolution without any scaling.


Apple TV Set Rumors Get Louder

Apple already has a set-top box, but has been mum on when it might produce its own TV, though that hasn't stopped technology publications from weighing in.


DisplayFusion Relieves Windows 8's Multi-Monitor Headaches

Third-party programs must fill the gap in Windows 8's lackluster multi-monitor support; here's one viable option.

Consumer Electronics Glass Innovation to Transform Industry

Hundreds are working on the coming glass revolution, four companies and one university have announced serious breakthroughs, shattering old ideas about what's possible with glass.

Refreshed MacBook Pros May Boast Retina Display

Intel reveals that its Ivy Bridge CPU is built for Retina display computers, hinting that Apple's redesigned range of MacBook Pros will support the higher resolution used on the newest iPad.

Skynet Espionage Begins: Unmanned Drone Creates 3D Models

New software from Autodesk lets you use regular pictures to create 3D models.

Philips ErgoSensor Monitor Nags at You for Slouching

Philips ErgoSensor Monitor will tell you when you are slouching and scolds you to sit up straight.


Windows 8 Tablets: Just as Crisp as the iPad's Retina?

Windows 8 specs include displays that are even sharper than Apple's fabled Retina display, which Apple claims is as clear as the human eye is capable of seeing.