Don't-Miss Display Stories

See the First 3D Live-Stream from Space

A camera on the ISS live-streams the first 3D footage from space.


Lenovo's New Portable Monitor Powered by USB

Lenovo this week announced a 14-inch mobile monitor that works by plugging it into a laptop's USB port.

First Look: High-Speed Thunderbolt Accessories Strike

Storage, video editing, and other peripherals that can make good use of Intel's new ultra-fast Thunderbolt data-transfer connection, now start to emerge--initially for use with Apple products.


Wearable Lab Coat TV Packs Thousands of LEDs

Modder Dave Forbes glues thousands of LEDs to a lab coat making a wearable 160 by 120-pixel color display.


Sprint Expands Evo Brand With Tablet, '3D' Smartphone

Sprint is trying to replicate the hit it scored last summer with the HTC EVO 4G smartphone by expanding the brand to both a tablet and a new "3D" smartphone.


Future of Tech: Huge Screens, ARM Servers, Geosocial Everywhere

A new "geosocial" app called Sonar is getting attention at the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art in New York.


Dancing in Apple Retail Stores? This Time in Protest

A group that seeks to draw attention to corporations that shelter profits overseas to cut their U.S. income tax burden is organizing protests for June 4 at Apple stores.


Marketing Tool: Apple Uses iPad to Promote Other Products in Retail Stores

Apple is using its iPad tablet devices to display product information and pricing for its Mac computers, iPods, iPhones, and even other iPads at retail stores.


Samsung's E-Reader Screens Boast 16.7 Million Colors

When will impressive electrowetting displays appear on tablets or Kindles?


The Green IT Movement Has Lost the Plot

E-waste is a serious problem for IT, but energy is getting all the attention. It's time to turn that around.

Snowglobe Project: A 360-Degree, Hologram-Like Display

Using a 3D projector, Microsoft Kinect sensors, and a spherical display, a project at the Computer-Human Interaction Conference in Vancouver presents a 360 degree view of an object.


Samsung to Show Off 2560-by-1600, 10.1-Inch Display

Could Samsung's high-resolution tablet be destined for use in the next version of the iPad?

Samsung’s Prototype AMOLED Folding Display Bends, Doesn't Break

Samsung researches develop a folding AMOLED screen that does not crease after 100,000 folds.