Don't-Miss Display Stories

Common Bleach Element Brightens OLED Displays

Researchers have figured out a way to improve the quality of OLED displays by using small amounts of chlorine.


Display Tech To Watch This Year: OLED's Future Looks Bright

The thin, bright, energy-efficient displays may outclass LCD and plasma TVs -- if manufacturers can scale up.

Double Your Screens; Double Your Fun

7 dual-screen devices you can buy now (or hopefully soon).

Dual-screen Devices You Can Buy Now (or Hopefully Soon)

Are two screens better than one? In recent years, device makers have been exploring this question with mixed results.

Protect Eyes With Gaming Glasses--Even While Working

Makers of gaming eyeware are trying to attract a business clientele with what they call Digital Performance Eyewear.

Geeky Jacket Displays Texts For Interpersonal Interaction

Geeky jacket may help shy boy geeks interact with girls


The Future of Shopping: A Virtual Shoe Wall, Interactive Store Windows

Virtual walls of shoes and interactive shop window technology were on view at the CeBIT conference in Germany this week.

Add a Second Screen to Your PC or Laptop

Adding a second screen to your PC or laptop gives you more space to multitask.

Why Gadget Lights Are Dangerous

When I turn off my bedroom light at night, the room is still lit up like the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.

Did Acer Accidentally Invent the Cloud Workstation?

Acer has announced an intriguing new product that’s mostly a monitor with a little bit of computer added on. Devices like this could be the future of cloud computing.

Massive 3D Touchscreen Puts Your Monitor To Shame

A University has managed to make lectures fun again with a 3D touchscreen theatre.


World's Smallest Projector Has Big Ambitions

A 6mm projector is the latest thing in tiny tech.


Circus Monkey Doubles as a Multitouch Projector (Wait, What?)

This terrifying multitouch-capable multitouch projector scares everyone who comes near it.