Don't-Miss Display Stories

20 Cyber Monday Doorbuster Deals

This Cyber Monday 88 percent of leading online retailers are expected to offer discounts to entice you to shop with them. Here are 20 great deals.


20 Hot Black Friday Deals

From dirt cheap Bluetooth headsets, to $70 digital projector, to a 50-inch HDTV for $800; these Black Friday deals are worth getting up before sunrise for.


Samsung 2494LW 23.6-inch LCD Monitor, $60 Off

Use a LogicBUY coupon and pay only $153 for a high-def Samsung 2494LW widescreen monitor.

Ice Touchscreen Is Cold, Hard Science at Work

What do you do with your time when it’s only light out for 3-4 hours a day in a long, cold Finnish winter? If you’re a group of Nokia employees, you build the world’s first ice touchscreen, of course.


Dell UltraSharp 30-Inch LCD Monitor, 25 Percent Off

Get the 30-inch Dell U3011 UltraSharp display for $1124, with a LogicBUY coupon code.

Cisco Announces Virtual Desktops for Video Collaboration

Cisco today unveiled two virtual desktop devices, more efficient virtualization software, and more affordable videoconferencing endpoints.

America Recycles Day: Disposing of Old PCs Responsibly

Even though that old PC may be garbage in your eyes, it can damage the environment if you don't dispose of it properly.

E-Ink and LG Debut Color e-Paper Screens

The first electronic paper displays that can show color were unveiled at the Flat Panel Display International show in Japan. The screens open to way for electronic book readers like Amazon's Kindle and Sony's Reader to add color but so far only a single Chinese device maker has committed to the technology.


Japanese Singing Sensation Is a Hologram

No, seriously, she's a hologram, and she's "performing" in front of thousands of excited fans.


Three Indicted for Fixing Prices of Color Display Tubes

Three former executives at color display tube manufacturers are indicted on price-fixing charges.

Pixel Qi to Show 7-inch, Power-saving Screen at CES

Pixel Qi could sample 7-inch power-saving display for devices like tablets and e-readers at Consumer Electronics Show in early January.


A Brief History of Computer Displays

From blinking lights and punch cards to LCDs and 3D flat panels, we trace the 70-year history of the tech that users rely on to see what a computer is doing.

Hack-o-Lantern: The Pumpkin With an LED Matrix

We’ve seen some great costumes in preparation for All Hallows’ Eve on Sunday, but how about some wired-up pumpkins? Here’s one with an LED display embedded into everyone's favorite orange squash.


Dell Beats Apple on Green Report Card

A report gives generally low marks to tech makers' take-back and recycling programs for old devices--and five major printer makers get an F grade.

The LCD Portal Shirt: Quite Possibly the Nerdiest T-Shirt Ever

This awesome Halloween outfit will make you the pride of [insert your hometown here].