Don't-Miss Display Stories

Tech Industry Is Lousy With Lawsuits: Infographic

Lawsuits are as common as laptops when it comes to the telecommunications industry.


New Display Tech Draws Almost No Power

Researchers develop a new display that promises excellent readability in bright sunlight, high-contrast color, and massively reduced power consumption.


Qualcomm's Mirasol Display, Up Close and Personal [Updated]

Get a closer look at Qualcomm's Mirasol display technology, which should make its way into products next year.


New Gateway LED Displays Get Gorgeous With Sleek Designs

Gateway has introduced a trio of high-definition monitors with modern designs and low power consumption. But will these slim new displays deliver?


Hide Your Wallet, Call of Duty: Black Ops Gets 3D Support

Activision says upcoming first-person shooter will support 3D, if you're willing to drop thousands on a corresponding 3D-enabled TV.


New Tech Goes Beyond Megapixel Displays Using Multiple Projectors

A new projector-based technology could make using multiple monitors more useful and more practical by eliminating the annoying bezels between panes.


Five Ways Google TV Can Kill Apple TV

Google could benefit both businesses and consumers after learning lessons from the disappointing Apple TV.

The Most Dangerous Jobs in Technology

For most desk-bound IT workers, the workplace is relatively tame. Others who earn a living in the technology realm, however, confront danger on a regular basis.

Deals of the Week

Check out these deals on an LCD TV, a compact digital camera, a 1-terabyte drive, a netbook, and an Xbox 360 bundle.


Rentals Take the Sting Out of Getting the Latest Gear

Why shell out big bucks on tech when you can rent or borrow? Web-enabled renting services can save you cash and cut down clutter in your home or office.

The Cheapskate's Guide to Crafty Tech Buys

Here's how to know which features of cameras, camcorders, HDTVs, LCD monitors, and printers are crucial--and when you can save big by buying a model that skips features you don't absolutely need.


Sneak Peek: Android Tablets to Rock the Market

Android isn't just for smartphones anymore. Google's mobile operating system is coming to tablets that could rival the iPad in portability and usefulness for business.


Apple's Hardware Announcements

After Apple put the focus on Mac hardware Tuesday with updates to its Mac Pro and iMac lines, we follow suit on the Macworld Podcast with a 50-minute throw-down...