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Game Changers: 12 Technologies That Changed Everything

New tech crops up daily, but only the rare breakthroughs really change our lives. Here are a dozen advances that transformed our world.

Apple Updates iMac, Mac Pro, and Display Lineup

Apple announces an update to its iMac, Mac Pro, and display lineup offering a mix of big new monitors, powerful new towers, and power-packed desktop.


DIY Netbook Screen Replacement With a Pixel Qi

The Pixel Qi screen may be easy on your eyes, as one modder demonstrates, but not necessarily easy on your budget.


The Facts About 3-D TV: Is It Really Ready?

Vendors are pushing expensive 3-D displays, but the technology may not be as ready as they claim.


What They Didn't Teach You: Tech Tips and Tools for New Grads

The essential guide to using tech to find jobs, housing, a great résumé, the essential laptop or smartphone, and more.


Belkin Unveils Tools to Slay 'Vampire' Power

These gadgets may help an office take a bite out of electricity bills.

Archive Project Will Digitize WWII Enigma Messages

HP has donated some of its latest scanning equipment to help preserve archived material at Britain's WWII code-cracking facility at Bletchley Park.

HP’s New ZR30w Monitor Offers 1.07 Billion Colors

How many colors are too many? HP's new 30-inch monitor can display over one billion of them.


Deals of the Week

This week we show you where to find savings on an HP TouchSmart laptop, Beatles Rock Band for the Xbox 360, and more.


Flexible Glass Technology Means Lighter, Brighter Displays

Sony joins Corning and others developing ultrathin displays that could bring "The Daily Prophet" to your door.


A History of Portable Computing

From 'portables' that weighed nearly 30 pounds in the 1980s to the featherweight Apple iPad of 2010, portable computing has come a long way. Here's a look at some of the milestones.

A Monitor That Rolls Up: Sony Unveils Flexible OLED Display

Sony's latest flexible OLED display prototype is sturdy enough to be rolled up while still showing video images.


BenQ Announces Ridiculously Slim LED Monitors

BenQ claims that its new 15mm-thick LED-backlit LCD monitors will offer high contrast and energy efficiency.