Don't-Miss Display Stories

One Keyboard, One Mouse, Several PCs — Zero Hassle

Free Synergy program is easier to use than a KVM switch, and the utility runs on all Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

Apple's Ban on Screen Protectors Makes (Some) Sense

Apple is pulling screen protectors from its online and retail stores -- because screen protectors stink.

Acer Adds HDMI Input to K11 Pico Projector

Acer's K11 Pico Projector fits VGA and HDMI ports into a package weighing 610 grams. It will go on sale by late April, Acer staff at Cebit said.

ILuv Introduces Bed-shaking IMM178 Vibe Plus

Yes, bed shaker technology. If no mere auditory alarm can rouse you from your slumber, perhaps you should consider this brand new iPhone/iPod alarm clock that...

Kanex DX and Microvision ShowWX

There are a lot of display-related products at Macworld Expo. Two products in particular stand out--they were recipients of our Best of Show awards.

Doxie Scanner Debuts at Expo

Social networking and user sharing are widespread across the Internet. So why shouldn't peripherals follow suit? Doxie, which was first introduced back in...

Macworld Expo 2010 Best of Show Winners

When it comes to Macworld Expo, there's one question that Macworld editors are asked without fail: What are the most interesting products at the show? And that's...

Dell's New 27-Inch IPS Monitor Now Shipping

New high-end IPS 27-inch monitor from Dell offers users a high-end experience, with a massive 2560-by-1440 screen resolution.


Fujitsu Introduces New Portable ScanSnap Scanner

Looking for a svelte scanner that you can take with you? Fujitsu may have what you're looking for with the ScanSnap S1300, a stylish device aimed at people who...

Apple Dishes out Second Fix for IMac Screen Flickering

For the second time in six weeks, Apple has delivered a firmware fix designed to stop 27-in. iMac screens from flickering.

How to Make New Stuff From Your Piles of Obsolete Tech

A new book shows you how to make usable items from old PCs, cell phones, scanners, printers, and other dead tech gear.


This Week in Geek: Tablets, Tapes, Touchscreens, Toys

Tablets were the big news of the week, but not the only story; here's what else was hot in the GeekTech blog.


Pressure Sensitive Touchscreens Are Coming, Powered by Quantum Mechanics

Future improvements in touchscreen technology could change the way we use such gadgets.