Don't-Miss Display Stories


Asus crams 4K resolution into a 31.5-inch Ultra HD monitor

Asus is announcing an early 4K Ultra HD monitor, the 31.5-inch PQ321, but its initial applications may be limited because of the dearth of true 4K movies.

NHK haptic demonstration

Japanese TV network shows off feelable haptic TV

Japan's public television broadcaster, NHK, is working on technology that will allow people to watch TV with their fingers.

corning gorilla glass

Corning says Gorilla Glass trumps sapphire screens, but the truth is more nuanced

Corning claims Gorilla Glass is a better, more durable display material than sapphire—but is it true?

Despite Schmidt's timeline, Google may ship Glass in 2013

Just a month after a top Google executive said Glass wouldn't be officially released for another year, sources say the computerized eyeglasses actually should ship by the end of this year.


samsung series 9

Samsung readies world's most pixel-packed laptop display

Samsung will preview a 13.3-inch LCD notebook panel with a whopping 3200-by-1800 resolution screen that beats Apple's Retina display.

Ailing Sharp sacks chief, vows turnaround on robots, LCDs

Japan's Sharp booked another huge loss on Tuesday, and unveiled its latest turnaround plan, which includes relying on partnerships with Samsung Electronics and Foxconn Technology Group for business, sacking top management, and expanding into new fields such as robotics.

Sony 'digital paper' reader

Sony preps super-thin, flexible e-ink tablet for universities

Sony will soon launch a flexible e-reader device that is less than 7mm thick and weighs 358 grams, targeted for use in university classrooms.


Philips Fluid Concept

Bendable, flexible smartphone displays are just a novelty... for now

Although multiple manufacturers are expected to release smartphones with flexible display screens by the end of this year, the technology will be little more than a novelty until about 2015, one analyst says.


The pixel is all but dead—no thanks to the PC

Bigger is better, unless you're talking pixels. But before long, we'll never talk about pixels again.

Despite hack, security experts urge no fear of Google Glass

Because of the hardware limitations, jailbreaking the device did not add much more risk than a rooted smartphone, one security expert said


Paper Tab 2

Flexible, networked e-ink displays mimic physical documents

Researchers demonstrated flexible, networked e-ink displays that behave like papers on a desk at a conference in Paris. The displays can be used separately or in tandem, opening up new possibilities for a paperless office.


AU Optronics executive sentenced for LCD price-fixing

A former executive with AU Optronics was sentenced Monday to serve two years in prison and pay a $50,000 fine for participating in a worldwide LCD screen price-fixing conspiracy, the U.S. Department of Justice said.

google glass

Google Glass rooted already--and it's really easy

ChromeOS developer and hacker Liam McLoughlin tells that not only has he figured out how to gain root access on Google Glass, the task is apparently pretty simple.