Don't-Miss Display Stories

What's ahead for mobile: New OSes, cheaper 4G LTE, larger screens, and more

This year's MWC may have been lacking in high-end smartphone launches. But the "W" stands for "world," and lower-cost models shown this week are needed to open up the mobile-phone market to more people globally.

Canon's Mixed Reality headset delivers augmented reality for an eye-watering price tag

Canon's new virtual reality eyewear is powered by a PC and beefier than Google Glass—but at 83 times the cost.


Evolution of the smartwatch

With all the recent hoopla about Pebbles and iWatches, now is a good time to review the evolution of the smartwatch.

Researchers mimic the peacock's tail to bring more vivid color to e-readers

Researchers have found a way to make colors more vivid on an e-reader screen, which could lead to the creation of advanced displays and spawn the development of color e-books.


No, you don't need new glasses, those are curved TVs (video)

These curved LG OLED TVs give the best wide viewing angle around. How to afford one is up to you though.


Displair gives you a touchscreen out of thin air (video)

Displair uses air flow and two microns of water drops to create an interactive display.

Displair - CES 2013

Displair - CES 2013

Sharp announces 32-inch 4K monitors

Sharp has announced two new 4K LCD monitors, which will display images at close to four times the overall resolution of traditional 1080p high-definition monitors available today.


Android moves into the kitchen with Dacor’s Discovery smart oven

Luxury appliance maker Dacor showcases its Android oven this week at International CES.

CES 2013: Apps and services move to the forefront

The gadgets that will debut at this year’s CES show in Las Vegas will analyze data from the web to offer you personalized suggestions and reminders.


Sharp to launch world's thinnest 4K monitor for about $5,500

Sharp will start selling the industry's thinnest 4K monitor, a 32-inch LCD screen that is just 3.5mm thick, in February.


Japan Display ditches the backlight with its new LCD

Japan Display introduces a new backlight-free display that shows color images and video.


LG introduces 23-inch touch monitor for Windows 8

For users who want a regular monitor, but still want to control Windows 8 using touch gestures, LG Electronics has introduced the Touch 10 monitor.

Monoprice to introduce high-end LED display

Budget-accessory vendor will soon introduce a line of high-end LED displays with screen quality designed to compete with Apple’s $999 Cinema Display.