Don't-Miss E-Reader Stories

Ebook Publishers Want Library Borrowing to Be Difficult

Penguin drops over-the-air downloads; now only Random House gives libraries unrestricted access to purchase and loan ebooks.


Wanted: A Camera for Kindle Fire

A camera isn't big on tablet-users' wishlists, but it could enhance the Kindle Fire as an essential shopping tool (especially when browsing Amazon).


Kindle Fire Plus $50 Gift Card for $199

Walmart is offering $50 gift certificates with the Amazon Kindle Fire.


Find February Deals on Laptops, HD TVs, Kindle Fire

Plenty of bargains are emerging, but it turns out it's not a great month to snap up a digital camera. Here's the lineup.


Toshiba Announces Debut E-reader in Japan, Mulling Launch Abroad

Toshiba announced its first dedicated e-reader on Thursday. It will launch in February in Japan, backed by an online store with 100,000 titles, and the company...


19 Percent of American Adults Own a Tablet

Tablet ownership in the U.S. nearly doubled over the fourth quarter holiday season, a Pew Research Center study reports.


Move to Digital: Lose Your Unwanted Books

Want to replace your traditional library with ebooks? Here are some sites and tools that can help you make your physical books disappear.


Using Libraries In the Age of eBooks

Matt Hamblen's recent article on ebook borrowing illustrates the difficulties libraries are facing in the digital age. It's too bad, because libraries are an important resource.


Can BI Help Barnes & Noble Beat Amazon in the E-Reader Race?

At the request of CIO (US) the story headlined "Can BI Help Barnes & Noble Beat Amazon in the E-Reader Race?" and posted Friday has been removed from the...


USITC Investigates Patent Complaint Against Mobile Device Makers

The U.S. International Trade Commission has launched an investigation of patent infringements alleged by patent acquisition firm Digitude Innovations against a...

Barnes & Noble Nook Now Free -- Sort Of

Subscribe to the service, get the e-Reader essentially free; is this deal alluring enough to snag anyone? Please?


Six Tech Bargains for 2012

Here are a half-dozen gadgets that will be cheaper this year -- so if you waited to buy, you should watch for the deals.