Don't-Miss E-Reader Stories

Penguin Pulls E-Books from Libraries, Including Kindle Versions

They publisher may want to make sure that library e-books can't be easily stripped of DRM and kept by a borrower without penalty.


Qualcomm's Mirasol Reflective Color Display Debuts on Korean E-reader

Qualcomm's long-awaited Mirasol reflective color screen technology is on the market, in an e-reader that launched in South Korea on Tuesday.


What Do Your Gadgets Really Weigh?

Wonder why your backpack or jacket feels too heavy? We weighed popular tech items along with some common handheld objects to give you perspective on what you're lugging around with you.

Is Kindle Fire Already Losing its Spark?

Customers give the new tablet good ratings, but also share their gripes about its limited memory, occasional sluggishness, and various glitches.


Top 14 Kindle Fire Android Apps

Just bought an Amazon Kindle Fire? Jump-start your experience with these excellent apps.


LCD, E-ink Challenger Mirasol Will Be on Devices in Months

Most tablets and e-readers today use LCD or e-ink technology, but a new challenger that promises sharp color and reduced screen power consumption could be used...


E-Book Readers as Stocking Stuffers

E-Ink e-readers may not give you a lot of browsing capability, but their price tags may make them more of an impulse buy than their sexier siblings.


E-Readers: Which One Is Best for Your Bookworm?

Does your gift recipient have a special focus on the written word or a broader interest that extends to downloading movies and music? We have a range of e-reader options to consider.

Nook Tablet's Superior Storage Has 1GB Gotcha

Barnes & Noble's Nook Tablet reportedly comes with a big gotcha: only 1GB of storage will be available for content that doesn't come from B&N.

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Ships Early

The tablet is arriving two days ahead of schedule for people who ordered it for in-store pick up and home delivery.


Tear Down of Amazon's Kindle Fire Shows Texas Instruments Dominates Guts

iFixit tear down of Amazon's Kindle Fire reveals that Texas Instruments powers much of the most important aspects of the tablet.


Nook Takes on Fire in Lower-Priced Tablet Race

Barnes and Noble has introduced its new Nook tablet in a clear stab at Amazon’s tablet, the Kindle Fire.


Developers Eager for Kindle Fire

The low-cost tablet is attracting plenty of early interest from developers who expect it to jump-start the Android market, based on a survey conducted early this month.