Don't-Miss E-Reader Stories

Amazon Boosts Kindle Fire Orders

Sources in the company's supply chain say Amazon has increased its order to five million units before the end of the year,

Amazon Reportedly Ups Kindle Fire Production

Amazon has reportedly increased its Kindle Fire orders to more than five million units before the end of the year because of strong demand.


Report: $79 Amazon Kindle Costs $84 to Make

Amazon loses money on its hardware, but makes it up through book, game, music, video, and app sales.


Japan's Rakuten to Acquire E-book Retailer Kobo

Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten said on Tuesday that it plans to acquire Canadian e-book and e-reader company Kobo in a bid to expand in the area of media...

E-readers Are Big Winners in Tablet Wars

As budget media tablets race to the bottom on price, e-book readers are the real winners receiving deep price cuts and improved features.


Barnes & Noble Launches Nook Tablet

Barnes & Noble launched its widely expected tablet Monday, taking on the soon-to-be released tablet from book-selling rival Amazon with a machine that has...


Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Takes on Amazon's Kindle Fire

B&N's; Nook Tablet tops Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet in specs, but costs $50 more.


Amazon's Prime Lending Library Collection Now Viewable Online

The Internet retailer's complete collection of Prime Lending Library books for Kindle devices is online and accessible from any Web browser.


Amazon Plans 8.9-inch Kindle Fire, Reports Say

The second-generation Kindle Fire is said to have a slightly smaller screen than the jump to 10 inches that Amazon described.

Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet Prepares For Deathmatch with Kindle Fire

The Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet has slightly better specs on paper, but we'll have to wait to see both before a winner can be declared.


eBooks vs. Print Books

The question about eBooks is not if they will pass print, but when.


Amazon Prime Book Lending: Your FAQs Answered

Users can start borrowing books from Amazon right now, so here's what you need to know about using the service with your Kindle device.


Amazon Sets up Kindle Lending Library announced the launch of an e-book lending library for Kindle users, that allows Amazon Prime members to borrow books for free, as frequently as a book...