Don't-Miss Firewall Stories

Businesses Need to Look at Security as a Military Operation

Businesses need to look at security as a military exercise and can benefit from strategies that have proved useful in battle, says a former military security expert.

Vendors Patch Firewalls After Controversial NSS Labs Test

Four out of the five vendors shown last month by testing company NSS Labs to suffer a security flaw in their high-end firewalls have since patched their...

Microsoft, Juniper Urged to Patch Dangerous IPv6 DoS Hole

Security experts are urging Microsoft and Juniper to patch a year-old IPv6 vulnerability so dangerous it can freeze any Windows machine on a LAN in minutes.

Cloud Computing Providers: Clueless About Security?

A survey of 127 of cloud computing providers suggests many regard security as mainly their customer's problem.

Is IT Tracking Your Location via Smartphone?

Let's say you scored a boondoggle to Los Angeles for a business conference, and instead sneaked off to nearby Disneyland with the family.

Despite Improvements, Data in the Cloud Remains Dirty

Facebook and other giant providers of online services lean too heavily on coal power, according to a Greenpeace report.

Response to Firewall Report Shows Contrasts in Customer Service Philosophy

If you identify an issue to a vendor, would you rather have a vendor that addresses the issue, or one that tries to convince you the issue doesn't exist?

Smartphone Security Follies: A Brief History

As smartphones have grown more powerful and complex, so have the threats against them.

Office 365 Virtually Pays for Itself

Office 365 pricing makes a compelling case for adopting the cloud-based service and letting Microsoft deal with the backend IT infrastructure.

Dot-Com Domains Still Lack DNSSEC Security

The new security extensions for DNS were enabled on the .com domain, but not one of the world’s 100 most popular sites has yet made the upgrade.

Firewall Security Issue Raised in Report Angers Vendors

A test by NSS Labs that found firewalls from five vendors are subject in one way or another to remote exploit by hackers has ignited furious response from vendors Fortinet and SonicWall.

Firewall Vendors Challenge Findings of NSS Labs Report

SonicWALL, Fortinet, and other firewall vendors take exception to claims by NSS Labs that their firewalls can't guard against a common TCP attack.

Independent Lab Tests Find Firewalls Fall Down on the Job

If businesses can't trust the technology they buy to protect their infrastructure, what can they trust?