Don't-Miss Firewall Stories

HTTPS Is Under Attack Again

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has shown that SSL certificates are being issued without checks, which calls into question fundamental Internet security.

Do Utility Companies Slight IT Security?

Do utilities and energy companies spend huge amounts for physical security but slight information-technology security?

What a Cyberwar With China Might Look Like

If there is a cyberwar with China, as described in a new hypothetical scenario, it will not necessarily involve power grids being knocked offline.

iPad in the Business World: 3 Big Worries Remain

Like a sucker punch, the iPad's popularity has taken the enterprise by surprise.

Big Data to Drive a Surveillance Society

As corporations get the power to track consumer habits with precision, surveillance becomes not only inevitable but "irresistible."

McAfee to Buy Database Security Vendor Sentrigo

Intel's McAfee unit is the latest major security vendor to move to buy a maker of tools to protect databases.

Android Tablets Get First Remote Security and Antivirus App

AVG has launched AVG Mobilation for Android which the company is promoting as the world's first security app specifically designed for Android tablets.

Security Will Rescue Cloud Computing

Whenever the topic of security is mentioned in the context of cloud computing, it is usually discussed as the "big barrier" to adoption.

Wary Customers Shun Businesses After Data Breaches

Data breaches cost U.K. businesses more than ever last year, with most of the financial hit resulting from lost business in the aftermath of an incident.

Four Steps to Take If Your Business Depends on RSA SecurID Tokens

Large businesses should reassess the risks posed by compromised RSA SecurID technology.

After RSA Breach, Are SecurID Tokens in Jeopardy?

The intrusion by hackers of security giant RSA, a unit of EMC, has left customers and analysts wondering if it is still safe to use millions of the one-time...

RSA's SecurID Security Breach: What Should You Do?

RSA suffered a sophisticated cyberattack in which attackers obtained some type of information about its SecurID product.

Twitter Adds Option to Always Use HTTPS Connection

Twitter boosts its use of encrypted website connections amid rising concerns over data stealing from unsecured Wi-Fi networks.