Don't-Miss Firewall Stories

Cell Phones Are 'Stalin's Dream,' Says Free Software Movement Founder

Free software movement founder Richard Stallman sounds off on smartphones, Microsoft and software freedom.

Whitelisting on Its Own Not a Substitute for Antivirus Software

Whitelisting technology that prevents unauthorized software from running on corporate servers and PCs is a way to prevent malware attacks but managing the package keeps the Burton Group, a division of Gartner, from recommending it as a substitute for traditional antivirus software.

Apple Patches 62 Bugs in Massive Safari Update

Apple today patched a record 62 vulnerabilities in Safari 5, updating the Mac and Windows browser to version 5.0.4.

Malvertising Continues to Pound Legitimate Web Sites

Malicious attacks from online advertising networks are growing faster, stealthier.

New Firewalls Should Increase Protection

This week, my company began deploying new firewalls. The old ones have been in place for more than six years; the new ones will allow us to take advantage of the next generation of features.

8 Security Tips from the HBGary Hack

Intimate details of the HBGary hack attack are now available, and they teach many lessons about how to protect your systems.

Germany Identifies a Secure Way to Deal With Spam

In theory, stopping spam is easy: just make it uneconomic to send millions of messages by charging for each one sent, or make senders authenticate their identity...

Beijing to Track People's Movements via Their Mobile Phones

China plans on tracking the movements of people in Beijing using their mobile phones.

Feds Seek Systems for Covert Body Scans, Documents Show

Documents obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request show that Homeland Security has signed contracts for mobile systems that may scan pedestrians without their knowledge.

Must You Let Your App Be Tapped?

Law enforcement has a problem, and you may be part of it if you make a Web app. When the FBI comes knocking, it may ask you to hand over communications made by your users.

Apple Should Be the Savior of Cloud Computing

Appleā€™s newest OS appears largely to bypass the cloud, which is a shame. The world needs Apple to show us how to tackle the cloud properly.

Smartphones, Devices Spark IT Security "Mobile Melee"

While devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android are in most cases welcomed into the corporate world, there's uncertainty about how to fit them.

Senator Schumer Calls on Sites to Step Up Consumer Protection

Senator Schumer sent letters to popular websites asking them to embrace HTTPS to provide more secure Web surfing for consumers.