Don't-Miss Firewall Stories

Copies of Anti-censorship Software Used in Iran and Syria Contain Keylogger

Rogue copies of Green Simurgh, an Internet proxy software application used in Iran and Syria, have been found to contain malware that records users' activities...

Lawmakers Call on DOJ to Reopen Investigation Into Google Wi-Fi Spying

UPDATE: The recent release of an FCC analysis prompts members of Congress to urge another look at Google's data-collection practices for its Street View maps.

Yahoo Leaks Private Key, Allows Anyone to Build Yahoo-signed Chrome Extensions

Yahoo was forced to release a new version of its Axis extension for Google Chrome after the original one contained a private key that allowed anyone to digitally...

Is Cloud-based Security Really Cheaper?

Vendors hope subscription models--and removing need to manage and update software, hardware--will be attractive, but the jury's not in on cost.

7 Tips for Establishing a Successful BYOD Policy

These tips will help you address device security while keeping your employees happier.

Mobile BYOD Users Want More Security

A survey of more than 4,000 mobile-device users and IT professionals shows wildly abundant use of mobile devices.

Microsoft Opens New York Research Lab, Hires Mainly Yahoo Researchers

Microsoft is opening Thursday a research lab in New York city that aims to benefit from interaction with the academic and tech communities in the metropolitan...

Symantec: Small-company Security Problems Can Threaten Large Corporate Nets

Symantec says stepping-stone attacks exploit business-partner relationships.

Most of the Internet's Top 200,000 HTTPS Websites Are Insecure, Trustworthy Internet Movement Says

Ninety percent of the Internet's top 200,000 HTTPS-enabled websites are vulnerable to known types of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) attack, according to a report...

Russian-Speaking Cybercriminals Earned $4.5 Billion in 2011, Researchers Estimate

Russian-speaking hackers earned an estimated US$4.5 billion globally using various online criminal tactics and are thus responsible for 36 percent of the...

Working at Starbucks? Lock Down Your Data with HotSpot Shield

This free VPN tool helps keep you safe on public Wi-Fi hotspots -- and lets you access U.S.-only content when traveling abroad.

Whoops! Check Point Lets Expire

Security company's website disappears for 23 minutes.

Why Hackers Set Their Sights on Small Businesses

New security report reveals that 97 percent of all breaches were avoidable. Here are some tips to keep your business out of trouble.