Don't-Miss Firewall Stories

Government Employs Hackers in Brave New Scheme

The Department of Defense will employ hackers under a brave new scheme pioneered by a hacker gone straight, but will it work?

Kaspersky Mobile Software Now Covers Android, BlackBerry

Russian security vendor Kaspersky Lab has released new versions of its security software for mobile devices to cover Android and the BlackBerry OS.

As 4G Takes Off, Can You Hear the Flight Attendant Now?

The Flight Attendant May Be Right: Future Phones Could Disrupt Planes

IT Turf Wars: The Most Common Feuds in Tech

Dev vs. ops, staff vs. management. Here's how to rise above the friendly fire and turn IT unrest into productivity

Samsung Makes Galaxy Smartphone More Enterprise Friendly

Hoping to make Android more attractive to security-minded CIOs, Samsung has added encryption and integrated Cisco's AnyConnect VPN client on its latest...

Survey Shows Why SMBs Should Embrace Cloud Security

Security requires an average of 16 days per month to manage and maintain--time and resources that SMBs don't have to spare.

Visa Excludes U.S. Merchants to Spur Secure Card Adoption

Visa has excluded U.S. businesses from a worldwide program that encourages merchants to deploy more secure payment terminals.

Password Reuse Is All Too Common, Research Shows

By analyzing stolen user name and password details, researchers have discovered that people commonly use the same passwords on various Web sites, leaving them wide open to hack attacks.

Android and iPhone Users Get Enterprise-grade Security

Israeli company Trusteer is taking its Rapport secure browsing technology into mobile security for the first time, announcing a smartphone and tablet protection system.

Low Security Awareness Found Across IT

A broad spectrum of IT people, including those close to security functions, appear to have little awareness of key security issues.

IPhone Attack Reveals Passwords in Six Minutes

Researchers in Germany say they've been able to reveal passwords stored in a locked iPhone in just six minutes.

Social Engineering: 3 Examples of Human Hacking

Chris Hadnagy gets paid to fool people, and he's gotten pretty good at it over the years. A co-founder of and author of Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking, Hadnagy has been using manipulation tactics for more than a decade to show clients how criminals get inside information.

Intel Core Processors to Get Strong Authentication Security

Looking to help customers strengthen data security, Intel said it will include stronger one-time password authentication in its upcoming 2nd Generation Intel...