Don't-Miss Firewall Stories

The Hacker's Toolkit Returns

Easy to use and inexpensive hacker's toolkits are opening up cybercrime to the entire criminal underworld, according to Symantec.

ClamAV Promises Free Antivirus App For Businesses

The free, cloud-based antivirus software is available for corporate users courtesy of ClamAV for Windows, which soon will reach version 3.0.

How a 'Perfect' Tech Security Storm Could Strike

We have nothing to worry about when it comes to cyber security--unless two types of catastrophic events happen at once, a report says.

You Too Can Be an l33t "Whitehat" Hacker for Only $250

A group of malicious hackers based in Russia are now offering a "whitehat" toolkit of hacking tools and techniques.

Simple, Cheap Apps For Keeping Secrets Online

These easy-to-use VPN apps keep you anonymous wherever you're accessing the Net.

Flash to Offer More Control Over Cookies

Adobe will build in Control Panel access to Flash Player security settings, and Firefox and Chrome will have similar levels of control. But is it too little, too late?

Rustock Awakens, Spam Volume Back up

After a brief period of low spam levels, top-dog spam botnet Rustock appears to be back in business

Cloud Computing Used to Hack Wireless Passwords

A German security researcher has shown how the massive computing power of Amazon’s EC2 cloud computers can crack wireless passwords in as little as six minutes.

Good Times Projected for Network Security Market in 2011

There's some early optimism about the information technology industry as the world steps into 2011. For one thing, the global network security market is expected...

Dell to Acquire SecureWorks

Computer giant adds to security portfolio with SaaS provider.

Mozilla Site Exposed Encrypted Passwords

A Mozilla database was exposed to the Internet, the Mozilla Foundation disclosed

Privacy Alert: 10 Biggest Threats of 2010

Google's Wi-Fi spying, Apple's iPad e-mail leak, Facebook's Wi-Fi jacking--just how serious are these privacy threats?

Top Security Trends of 2010: A Look Back

Take a look at some of the big security stories of 2010 and take the lessons from those trends to arm yourself for 2011.