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Most Managers Handle Security on Mobile Devices: Poll

More people are bringing their personal devices to work, which can expose a company to new threats. How are managers protecting their networks? Check out our poll results.

Quick Poll: Where Do You Stand on Mobile Devices?

Mobile devices are increasing popular, but can pose a number of risks for a business. Are you taking steps to mitigate the risk, or hoping the issue will go away?

Poll Results: Most Companies Secure Their Wi-Fi

A majority of businesses appear to use some Wi-Fi security, according to results from our recent polls. However, some 40 percent either have no Wi-Fi or want to improve it.

Cisco Rolls out Military-strength Encryption for ISR Router

Cisco has announced a hardware encryption module for its ISR G2 router that allows point-to-point encryption of IP traffic.

Zscaler Offers Lookup of Abusive IP Addresses

Cloud security company Zscaler is offering a web tool businesses can use to check whether their IP address is being used for spamming or DDoS attacks.

Widely Used Encryption Standard Is Insecure, Say Experts

A weakness in XML Encryption can be exploited to decrypt sensitive information, researchers say.

Google Search to Have Default Encryption

Google is rolling out default encryption using SSL on searches conducted by users who sign in with their accounts.

4 Essential Cloud Security Tips

Consider these 4 pieces of advice before making the leap into the public cloud with your business.

Mobile Security Threats Are Heating Up

Criminals, security researchers, vendors and even investors are now taking mobile security more seriously.

Amazon Adds Free Encryption to Storage Service

Using Amazon Web Services' new Server Side Encryption feature, enterprises will at no extra cost be able to encrypt data stored on the company's Simple Storage...

IGF: Small Botnets Pose Security Risk to Internet

Small botnets available for hire for as little as US$ 10 per hour pose a security threat to the Internet.

No Telecommuting Policy Leaves IT Vulnerable

Many companies don’t set policies around telecommuting tools--leaving companies vulnerable to lost or stolen data.

EFF Inspects Encryption Tool for Adium, Pidgin IM Clients

The digital watchdog Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) lent a technical hand to fix security problems in a tool used to encrypt instant messenger...