Don't-Miss Gadget Stories


HP and Movado team up on a sleek analog watch bolstered with digital smarts

The Movado Bold Motion has no screen and no apps, but counts steps and gives basic notifications.

Alpha2 robot

The first affordable robot servant, Alpha2, is now in development

Don’t set your expectations of its capabilities too high.


gear vr

Samsung's newest Gear VR is now up for preorder

For $100, you can secure the company's latest take on a virtual reality headset.

apple watch edition blue leather strap

Apple Watch sales estimate: 7 million after six months

Apple Watch sales are smoking the smartwatch competition, unofficially.


Samsung Gear S2 review: Stepping back to move forward

The Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch removes features and focuses on refinement.

google cardboard gettingstarted lead

Cheap VR for the masses: Google Cardboard headed to 1 million NY Times subscribers

Google Cardboard is headed to more than 1 million New York Times subscribers.

Aerosense drone

U.S. will require registration process for drones

The U.S. Dept. of Transportation said Monday that it will form a task force to come up with a registration process for drones.

microsoft hololens family room rgb

Microsoft and Asus could team up on new HoloLens augmented reality hardware

Windows Holographic will likely open to more hardware makers after the $3,000 developer version ships next year.

China's Tianjin is latest disaster zone to attract drones

Report: US Government will require drone owners to register

According to NBC News, the US Government could have a registration system in place by Christmas.

pebble time fixed

Pebble Time expands voice controls with third-party app support

Pebble's new voice API paves the way for more powerful smartwatch apps.


The Swatch smartwatch is more disappointing than anyone could have imagined

After months of slinging insults at Apple, Swatch’s big invention is a dumbwatch with an NFC chip.


Blocks modular smartwatch lets you strap on new features over time

Users can add battery life, GPS, heart rate tracking, and more through swappable wrist clasps.

wacom bamboo spark

Wacom's Bamboo Spark elegantly digitizes handwritten notes, drawings

If you still like sketching and writing by hand, but also want quick digital backups of your notes, you'll find a friend in Wacom's new Bamboo Spark.

China's Tianjin is latest disaster zone to attract drones

Senate bill aims to make it a federal offense to fly drones recklessly

A bill was introduced in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday that will make it a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine or imprisonment for up to a year, for individuals who knowingly operate a drone within 2 miles of a fire, an airport or any other restricted airspace.


Clothing retailer Uniqlo uses brain waves to match customers with t-shirts

Japanese retailer Uniqlo is using a novel method to match t-shirts with potential buyers by analyzing their brain patterns.