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My HoloLens acid trip was fascinating, but left a funny taste in my mouth

Microsoft's holographic experience is downright wild. Join me on my journey through my most intense tech demo ever.


Apple admits that tattoos can confuse Apple Watch sensors

Apple's support documents now warn that certain tattoos can cause problems with with heart rate readings.

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Why Microsoft bought Minecraft: To showcase HoloLens' augmented reality

What does $2.5 billion get you? If you're a Microsoft, a really cool augmented reality demo.

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Developing with HoloLens: Decent hardware chases Microsoft's lofty augmented reality ideal

Microsoft's HoloLens was shown off with Apple-like fanfare behind closed doors, but it still has a number of kinks to work out, as our second hands-on indicates.


Microsoft dives deeper into HoloLens details: 'Holographic processor' role revealed

Microsoft was still mum on how the augmented reality headset works without a PC connection

PCWorld News

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Friday, May 1

Oracle shrugs off Salesforce rumors...House OKs plan to stop NSA phone dragnet...why Ford's CEO is wary of Apple and Google



Free Windows 10 IoT preview released for Raspberry Pi 2, Arduino partnership revealed

Microsoft releases new software aimed at controlling robots, smart homes, and other small hardware projects. But it's far from a full-blown version of Windows.

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Faulty taptic engines reportedly hinder Apple Watch production

Apple is depending on one supplier for all its taptic engines, according to the Wall Street Journal

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Microsoft's HoloLens imbues Raspberry Pi 2 gadgets and robots with virtual life

Microsoft says HoloLens could help makers simulate Raspberry Pi 2 robots or gadgets in real-life environments


Microsoft HoloLens gets real with robotics, surgery, architecture

At the 2015 Build conference, Microsoft tries to prove that its mixed reality headset is more than just a neat gimmick.

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TAG Heuer's smartwatch aims for the high end market with $1,400 price tag

The Android Wear will launch in the fall, and run with 40 hours of battery life, according to the Swiss timepiece maker.

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Pebble seeks to tap the Chinese market

Pebble's CEO isn't worried about Apple Watch, claims the two companies are targeting different consumers.

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Samsung's tinkering with wearables and a VR headset for business

Enterprise wearables will be important but face some obstacles, Samsung says