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Swarm 'Portal' beacon to provide retailers insight on in-store activity

The device picks up heat signals from shoppers to give retailers foot traffic patterns

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Wearables and design will be big at Google I/O

Best practices around design, specifically for wearables, will be a focus at next month's developers' show.


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Google looks to unite work and pleasure by acquiring Divide

Divide consolidates work and personal apps on people's own mobile devices

google maps bike

Google Maps adds elevation data for cyclists braving the hills

Maps on the desktop now shows elevation gains through a new graphical display

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AT&T tracking device would help you find your luggage

AT&T researchers showded off a 3G luggage-tracking device that highlights the company's push into machine-to-machine communication.

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IDC cuts IT spending forecast on mobile slump, emerging market uncertainty

Economic uncertainty in China and Europe due to the Ukraine crisis are 'wild cards'

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Google improving Google Translate with Word Lens app acquisition

The company is acquiring Quest Visual, maker of the camera-based translation app

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Google's new Glass boss, Ivy Ross, begins job by asking existential questions

Sure, the world's most famous wearable assumes a physical form, but Ivy Ross reminds us that Google is still more interested in what-ifs than blunt, definitive absolutes.


fujitsus next generation user interface technology

Point-and-scan projector blends physical print with digital data

Fujitsu's latest prototype can perform text searches in printed matter

Wearables Right or Wrong: Time to buy Google Glass?

In the first episode of our new video series, we take a closer look at Google's smart eyewear, now on sale for anyone with $1500 to spend.

Amazon Fire TV announcement April 2 2014

Amazon, AT&T, Snapchat rated among the least trustworthy with data, EFF finds

The companies ranked poorly in a report by the Electronic Frontier Foundation that measured how government data requests are handled.

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Google encourages more users to wear Glass in public with new travel apps

Google's smartglasses are indeed useful for an always-ambulatory lifestyle. But will new FourSquare, TripIt and OpenTable apps convince users to wear the polarizing wearable in public?


skylock bike

Skylock prevents theft while letting you share your bike

The smartest bike lock on the block pairs with a smartphone app for security, sharing, and even crash detection.


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Target, The Gap and others form group to share cyberthreat data

A range of retailers will share cyberthreat data through a new center to prevent attacks