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Intel acquires health band maker Basis Science

Basis band adds to chipmaker's growing arsenal of wearable technologies

PCWorld News

Apple settles Belgian guarantee dispute

Belgium is one of many countries that has issues with Apple's warranty conducts


If Google Glass is just a 'prototype' why is it pairing up with luxury sports eyewear?

Patience, patience, young Explorer. Tomorrow's Glass will be more fashionable than today's.


Facebook buys Oculus VR for $2 billion

Facebook plans to expand Oculus’ technology beyond gaming and into new areas, like communications, media and entertainment, and education.

Why Google Glass security remains a work in progress

University researchers develop spyware for Glass that snaps pictures and sends them to a remote server


Google myth-busts the nonsense that 'Glass is ready for prime time'

Today's Glass Explorer edition will eventually look like a quaint relic of yesteryear, Google shares in a 10-point, myth-busting blog.


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World Tech Update: Sony enters VR gaming with Project Morpheus, Google's new Android Wear

Virtual reality startup Oculus releases a new Rift development kit

layar for glass

Layar, the pioneering augmented reality app, is now available for Google Glass

You want contextual overlays? Here are your contextual overlays.


Fitbit sued over rashes experienced by bracelet wearers

The startup misled consumers in the promotion of its Force device, the suit alleges

fitbit force steps

Ouch: Fitbit Force owner files a class-action lawsuit for skin-rash problems

The wearables company has already issued a full recall of its activity-tracking wristband. And now this.


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Developers can't wait to get their apps on Android Wear

App makers are running at the opportunity to develop for Google's newly released wearables platform.


toshiba diabetes device

Compact breath sniffer could warn of diabetes

Toshiba's medical breath analyzer can check your fat metabolism


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Price of round displays will make or break Moto 360's mainstream success

Motorola's planning a bold look for its smartwatch based on Android Wear. But will a circular form factor drive up the cost?


moto 360 cafe

Moto 360 aims to hit the 'whoah' mark with a bold smartwatch fashion statement

Motorola's Jim Wicks describes the inspiration for the smartwatch's circular display, but dangles very few tidbits of specificity about the new device.