Don't-Miss Gadget Stories

microsoft hololens project xray demo2

Microsoft promises its $3K HoloLens dev kit for Q1 2016

Scary robots help demo the spatial awareness capabilities in HoloLens, which developers will be able to play with soon.

snickerdoodle primary

Meet Snickerdoodle, an affordable, powerfully maker-focused Raspberry Pi rival

Krtkl's Snickerdoodle wants to become the Raspberry Pi for robots, thanks to the field-programmable gate array that lets it tackle more complex projects, like robots or drones.


Oculus Rift consumer price will be more than $350

The consumer Oculus Rift virtual reality headset will compromise on price in pursuit of perfection everywhere else.

Microsoft IoT Pack for Raspberry Pi 2

Microsoft's enterprise-grade security is coming to Windows 10 IoT for smart devices

Microsoft launched a new Preview build for its version of Windows 10 that's designed to run devices that are part of the Internet of Things, along with a development kit to help users test it out.

oculus touch

The made-for-VR Oculus Touch controller definitely won't launch with the Oculus Rift

Bummer. Another bummer: Oculus still hasn't revealed pricing or launch day information about its highly anticipated VR headset.

minecraft vr

Minecraft is coming to the Oculus Rift VR headset

Virtual reality Minecraft is on its way.

oculus pc

'Oculus Ready' PCs will be guaranteed to meet virtual reality's demanding needs

Some of the biggest names in PC hardware are onboard the 'Oculus Ready' partner program.


Samsung's new Gear VR virtual reality headset only costs $99

And even better, the new Gear VR works with all of Samsung's flagship Galaxy phones released in 2015.

microsoft band ver 2

Curved Microsoft Band 2 may track stair climbing, but what it really needs is more apps

Images of what could be the next Microsoft Band leak, along with the possibility that it will track you as you climb stairs.

watchos 2

Apple delays watchOS 2 launch due to bug

iOS 9 will still roll out today as planned.

gear s2 combi a

Not impressed by smartwatches? That could soon change

There's explosive growth in store for the wearables market, driven largely by an expanding list of smartwatch vendors, devices, experiences and price points.


Raspberry Pi gets its first official touchscreen display

Want to create a smart home terminal with a Raspberry Pi and a good touchscreen? The Raspberry Pi Foundation just made that project a teensy bit easier.

Panasonic Nubo security cam uses 4G and battery power to work anywhere

Is it a Nest Cam killer? The Nubo is packed with features, and even gives you security vision when you're on the road, and without a WiFi connection.

catalyst watch primary

Catalyst shows off a waterproof Apple Watch case at IFA

But is this even needed, since tests have shown the Apple Watch performing better than its waterproof rating even without a case?

moto 360 charging

Motorola's new Moto 360 comes in three variants: Two for men, one for women

The company also announced availability of the Moto X Pure Edition, the U.S. variant of the Moto X Style.

Ditch the cables with WattUp wire-free charging

Energous' WattUp wire-free system powers devices up to 15 feet away from a router.


Razer is almost ready to sell its intriguing Nabu fitness band

The Nabu’s combination of health tracking and on-screen notifications remains unique among fitness bands. Can Razer finally ship the darned thing?