Don't-Miss Input device Stories

Video Game Uses Brain to Control Action

Focus Pocus uses a brainwave-reading headset and helps children ages improve impulse control, memory, attention, and relaxation.


Cold Office? Keep Your Mouse Hand Warm with the ValueRays Warm Mouse

This $30 optical mouse pulls double duty as a mini toaster, heating up just enough to keep your paw warm while you work.

High-Tech Gear for Gamers

Take your game to the next level with these affordable accessories.


Mechanical Keyboards: Should You Switch?

Tired of typing on a boring, mushy membrane keyboard? One editor made the switch to a mechanical keyboard a month ago, and hasn't looked back.

Cocktail Machine Will Make You Swallow Your Tasty Words

Who needs a bartender when you can have a typewriter dispensing all kinds of different drinks out of words?


Sony Clip-on Screen Attachment Makes Vaio Laptops 3D

Sony said Tuesday it will sell a screen attachment for its Vaio laptops that allows users to view 3D movies and images without glasses.

Apple Mac Thunderbolt Ports Will Support Optical Cables

Thunderbolt ports on Apple's current Macintosh computers will be compatible with upcoming fiber optic cables, which should be ready by next year.

Are Your Eyes Ready for Dual LCD Monitor Glasses?

Analysis: Vuzix's 1200 line takes a novel approach to 3D gaming. Instead of headache-inducing shutter glasses, its glasses offer dual LCD monitors.

Acer, Asus to Bring Intel's Thunderbolt Speed Technology to Windows PCs

Intel's Thunderbolt high-speed interconnect technology is currently only available on Apple products.

Window Shopping Goes High Tech With Gesture Recognition

The Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute showed a prototype that lets shoppers learn more about what's in a store display window when the store is closed.

Sony Shows 3D Images With Glasses -- Without the TV

Sony's Personal 3D Viewer, introduced at the IFA consumer electronics show, will offer consumers an alternative to 3D televisions.


17 Great Laptop Accessories for Your Dorm Room

Ready to go back to school with your brand-new laptop? Be sure to bring along some of these useful and practical accessories.

Samsung Galaxy Note May Revive the Stylus

The Galaxy Note, a 5.3-inch tablet/phone hybrid, is designed to be operated with either a finger or a stylus.