Don't-Miss Input device Stories

Google's acquisition of Flutter may pair its tech with Glass

With its acquisition of gesture-recognition company Flutter, Google may be looking to beef up Google Glass and its Android products while also looking to win over the hearts and minds of Apple iPhone users.


DoCoMo 'anything interface' glasses (1)

DoCoMo shows 'touch display' for computer glasses

The technology essentially takes any paper surface—a sheet of writing paper or the page of a book—and with the tap of a finger turns it into a display before your eyes.


Steam Controller

Valve's Steam Controller brings mouse and keyboard precision to the gamepad

On Friday, Valve made its third and final Steam Box announcement for the week. The big reveal? A gamepad that works with all current and future Steam games, featuring dual trackpads and a touchscreen.

Xbox One controller will work on PCs, but not until next year

PC gamers who want to use the upcoming Xbox One controller will have to wait until 2014, as the architectural changes in the gaming console input device are re-written and optimized for PCs.

Intel gestures toward the future with Omek buy

Intel has snapped up Omek, a company specializing in gesture recognition. It's part of Intel's effort to popularize perceptual computing, in which we interact with PCs and other devices using hand gestures, voice commands, and facial tracking.

Douglas Engelbart, inventor of the computer mouse, has died

Douglas Engelbart, a Silicon Valley engineer who invented the computer mouse and is credited with many of the concepts that underpin modern computing and the Internet, died on Tuesday at his home in Atherton, California. He was 88.

Microsoft pushes for better touchpads on Windows laptops

Microsoft will work with Intel, as well as trackpad technology companies Elan and Synaptics, on its Precision Touchpad effort.

Notebooks with Intel's version of Kinect due in late 2014

Intel has created a $100 million perceptual computing fund to put its own Kinect-like camera in laptops. As part of the announcement, Intel said that it will add depth cameras to select devices late next year.

New Wi-Fi-based gesture control will make your entire house smart

A research team at the University of Washington has developed a way to enact gesture control across all devices using the WiFi router in your living room.


Nvidia stylus (2)

Nvidia says Tegra 4 can power a better, cheaper stylus

Nvidia is usually trumpeting the graphics performance of its Tegra 4 chip, but at the Computex trade show on Tuesday CEO Jen-Hsun Huang showed how its newest processor can be used to create a precise, affordable stylus for tablets.


asus vivo mouse

Asus unveils VivoMouse, a funky trackpad-mouse hybrid

The Asus VivoMouse combines mouse and trackpad functions and supports Windows 8 gestures, and is intended for use with the VivoPC, a small desktop for offices and living rooms.

New Kinect for Windows to improve human interaction with computers

Human interaction with computers could improve with the new Kinect for Windows sensor, which will be better at recognizing gestures, motion and voice.

Next-generation Kinect for Windows won't be for the average user

The new-and-improved Kinect that's shipping with the Xbox One later this year will find its way to Windows in 2014. But don't expect it to replace your mouse and webcam.

Awesome video shows Leap Motion's Windows 8 gesture control capabilities

A new demo video from Leap Motion shows how waving your finger in your air like you just don't care is totally possible with Windows 8.