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Computer-Human Interaction Show Offers Peek At the Future

As the Computer Human Interaction conference kicks off this week, 800 presenters and more than 2500 attendees gather in Vancouver to present their ideas and trade findings.


Xbox Kinect SDK Lets You Create Your Own Gesture Controls

With the release of the software development kit for Xbox Kinect, do-it-yourself techies can build all sorts of contraptions based off of the game console's motion sensors.


IPad 2 Accessories Trickling out

Apple and accessory makers are offering cases and jackets that fit the dimensions of the thinner and lighter iPad 2, which was announced on Wednesday. The iPad 2...

The Future of Shopping: A Virtual Shoe Wall, Interactive Store Windows

Virtual walls of shoes and interactive shop window technology were on view at the CeBIT conference in Germany this week.

CeBIT: More Motion-Control Computing on Tap

The IDG Daily staff are looking forward to seeing more motion-controlled computing at the world's biggest IT fair.

The Eyes Have It: Eye-Tracking Laptop Tech Demo-ed at CeBIT Conference

Tobii Technology showed visitors to the CeBIT tech conference in Germany how its eye-tracking technology could control a laptop, even for game playing.


Look, No Hands! G.tec Uses Brain Interface to Tweet

Austrian company Guger Technologies (g.tec) has developed a brain-computer interface that can be used to "type" short text messages simply by staring at letters.

Taiwan Researchers Design Webcam Antenna for Fast Scans

A pair of Taiwan researchers have designed what they believe to be the first webcam-equipped antenna that can be unfolded from a laptop PC for quick scans of...

Tech We Took From Science Fiction

Even though we’re still waiting for flying cars, we’re already living in the future predicted by science fiction. Here are a few tech prophecies from sci-fi films, books, and TV shows that became reality.

Change the Name of Keyboard Layouts

If you ever use any of the alternative keyboard layouts available in OS X (System Preferences -> Language & Text, Input Sources tab), you know that some of...

Logitech Launches a Couch Mouse

Analysis: The M515 has a sealed bottom case that keeps lint out while helping the mouse glide across cushions, blankets and carpets with minimal fuss.

Cool Tech Toys From ShowStoppers at CES!

Executive Editor Robert Strohmeyer takes you on a tour of some cool CES gadgets on display at the ShowStoppers event, including a PC microphone that makes you sound like T-Pain and cute voice-activated bunny rabbits that can update Facebook or read your mail to you.


The Top 8 Future-Tech Stories of 2010

What will the future bring? We got a taste of what's to come in 2010. Join PCWorld's GeekTech blog as we take a look back at some of the hottest new tech of the past year.

Kodak, NEC Announce Cross-license Agreement

Imaging vendor Eastman Kodak said Monday that it has formed a license agreement with NEC that will allow each company to access the other's patent portfolio.


Gifts for Media Lovers

Two weeks ago, Ben Long and I talked about holiday gifts for photographers. Today Macworld senior editor Dan Frakes and I discuss gifts for the media mavens in...