Don't-Miss Input device Stories

Doctors Perform First Fully Robotic Surgery

Medical procedure performed by steady, metallic hands


Scan Images Wirelessly With Preview

Flatbed scanning is a lot easier than it used to be. The combination of all-in-one hardware devices with wireless capabilities, and under-the-hood improvements...

Tech Thinks Pink: Colorful Gadget Sales Support Breast Cancer Research

Tuck some gear away now for the holidays for the pastel lover in your life and contribute to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure at the same time.

Touch-Screen iMacs: A Few Questions

Analysis: Apple may be testing touch input again; here's what we'd like to know.

PARC Predicts the Future of Mobile Tech, Circa 1991

In 1991 Xerox PARC shared a vision of the future and 'ubiquitous computing' that resembles today's digital trends dominated by tablet devices and smartphones.

iPad Gains Keyboard from Kensington

The accessory maker crafts an alternative input device for Apple's tablet.


MIT's Touchscreen Memtable Supports Multiple Users

Researchers at the MIT Media Lab are working on a conference room-sized table that can display images and text, allow multiple uses to input data and also record and playback the collaboration.

DIY USB Typewriter: What’s Obsolete Is New Again?

A do-it-yourself USB typewriter keyboard lets you combine ancient hardware with the latest in computing technology, giving you a satisfying--if archaic--typing experience on your iPad and beyond.


iPad Kit Turns Tablet into Boring Clamshell Netbook

A China-based company says it will sell an iPad accessory that can turn the tablet into a clamshell netbook with a keyboard and battery pack.


Waterloo Labs Makes Eye-Controlled Mario

It's a DIY, higher-tech version of the Xbox Kinect: eye-controlled NES.


Microsoft's Adaptive Keyboard Puts a Screen Behind Your Keyboard

Microsoft's keyboard concept attempts to combine the flexibility of a touchscreen with a hardware keyboard.


Back-to-School Gadgets: Top Tech for 2010

Looking for a student's going-away gift or shopping for yourself? These highly useful gadgets will ease the transition back to campus.

Google Voice Failures: Lost in Transcription

Google’s Web-based phone service sends voicemail transcripts to your inbox. Whether they make any sense is another matter entirely.