Don't-Miss Input device Stories

Apple's Magic Trackpad: Mouse Killer or Pointless Device?

Along with refreshing its desktop models, Apple has announced an intriguing new pointing device: the long-rumored Magic Trackpad.

Hands on with Apple's Magic Trackpad

We just got a Magic Trackpad. Here are some initial photos and thoughts.

4 Reasons Apple's Magic Trackpad Won't Kill the Mouse

Is Apple trying to kill the computer mouse with its Magic Trackpad? Maybe, but here are four reasons why the mouse is here for the long haul.


Group to Work on Wireless Laptop-charging Specification

The Wireless Power Consortium will start working on a new medium-power specification for wirelessly charging laptops.


USB 3.0: Five Things You Need to Know

It's one of the most successful and versatile computer interfaces out there, and it's getting a major update.

10 Technologies That Should Be Extinct (But Aren't)

These obsolete technologies didn't get the memo--maybe because someone wrote it on a typewriter and faxed it to them.

Intel's Oasis Prototype Can Make Any Surface Touch-Sensitive

Intel's Oasis Prototype uses projectors and 3D cameras to recognize objects, detect gestures, and display icons.


Maxell Unveils Ergomotion Mice, Keyboards

Analysis: The longtime recordable media company is moving into peripherals, with a focus on ergonomic devices.

SanDisk's SD Card Can Store Data for 100 Years

SanDisk said it has shipped SD media that can store data for 100 year.

Multitouch Devices: Ergonomic Nightmare?

Researchers are studying whether multitouch devices cause physical stress.


Clearwire Brings WiMax 4G/3G Hardware to Macs

Clearwire introduced its first 4G/3G modem for Macs, plus new Wi-Fi hotspots with 4G and 4G/3G uplinks.

E3: Microsoft Demos Motion-Controlled Gaming with Kinect for Xbox 360

Microsoft's Project Natal has been renamed Kinect and allows for full body gaming. Take a look.


Microsoft's Mobile Flops

Flops and vapor: 9 ways Microsoft tried and failed to rule mobile.

Archive Project Will Digitize WWII Enigma Messages

HP has donated some of its latest scanning equipment to help preserve archived material at Britain's WWII code-cracking facility at Bletchley Park.

Synaptics Trackpad Accepts Four-Finger Gestures

The new TouchPad-IS takes gesture commands to new levels, giving the Mac Trackpad a new challenger.