Don't-Miss Input device Stories

Google Voice Failures: Lost in Transcription

Google’s Web-based phone service sends voicemail transcripts to your inbox. Whether they make any sense is another matter entirely.


Touch Mouse, Microsoft's Mystery Product?

Microsoft is messing with us via Twitter, revealing tiny image snippets of a mystery product expected to be announced sometime soon.

What Is Microsoft's New Mystery Product?

Microsoft is teasing some sort of new top-secret touch-oriented product. Can you figure out what it is?


How New Technology Is Rewiring Our Brains

Touchscreens. TiVo. The Undo button. These new technologies and others have changed the way we interact with the world.


Refreshed Magic Trackpad Joins New Mac Pro, iMacs

Apple upgrades its Mac Pro and iMacs, whiles introducing new Cinema Display and brand new Magic Trackpad device.

Magic Trackpad Gets Magic Teardown

The new Magic Trackpad from got the usual teardown treatment from the handy guys over at iFixit.


Apple's Hardware Announcements

After Apple put the focus on Mac hardware Tuesday with updates to its Mac Pro and iMac lines, we follow suit on the Macworld Podcast with a 50-minute throw-down...

Apple's Magic Trackpad: Mouse Killer or Pointless Device?

Along with refreshing its desktop models, Apple has announced an intriguing new pointing device: the long-rumored Magic Trackpad.

Hands on with Apple's Magic Trackpad

We just got a Magic Trackpad. Here are some initial photos and thoughts.

4 Reasons Apple's Magic Trackpad Won't Kill the Mouse

Is Apple trying to kill the computer mouse with its Magic Trackpad? Maybe, but here are four reasons why the mouse is here for the long haul.


Group to Work on Wireless Laptop-charging Specification

The Wireless Power Consortium will start working on a new medium-power specification for wirelessly charging laptops.


USB 3.0: Five Things You Need to Know

It's one of the most successful and versatile computer interfaces out there, and it's getting a major update.

10 Technologies That Should Be Extinct (But Aren't)

These obsolete technologies didn't get the memo--maybe because someone wrote it on a typewriter and faxed it to them.