Don't-Miss Input device Stories

Tech Provider for Microsoft's Project Natal Revealed

Israeli startup PrimeSense provided the technology for Microsoft's Project Natal game control system, the companies said Wednesday.

One Keyboard, One Mouse, Several PCs — Zero Hassle

Free Synergy program is easier to use than a KVM switch, and the utility runs on all Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

SXSW Apps:, Huddlehub and Phonebooth

I've been cruising the exhibit hall looking for cool apps (and free beer), and found a little of both.


TV Industry Needs a Standard for 3D Glasses -- Now

If this technology is going to take off, vendors need to work together on a key issue, and soon.


Skinput Transforms Your Body Into a Touch-Sensitive Input Device

Touch your arm to continue: A Carnegie Mellon University-Microsoft partnership produces "Skinput," an input method prototype that turns your skin into a touchscreen of sorts.


Microsoft Warns: Don't Hit F1 in Windows XP

Ignore sites that nag to press the Help key, says zero-day bug advisory.

Choosing the Right Tripod for You

A tripod may not seem like the most high-tech photo accessory when compared to the fancy lenses, flash systems, and other electronic gizmos that you can add to...

Wacom Announces New Cintiq 21UX Pen Display

Wacom has introduced a new version of its Cintiq 21UX, a redesigned update of its interactive pen display. It features enhanced pen performance and improved...

Homebuilt Glove Mouse: The Power Is in Your Hand

DIY hack puts mouse innards on the outside of a glove, allowing you to mouse around without a mouse.

Best Bling for the Home Office

A starter list of productivity products for the ultimate home office.

Highlights From Macworld Expo 2010

A closer look at the gear, gadgets, speakers, and software from Macworld Expo 2010


Keyboard Tools

Everyone wants to work faster. In this video, we'll look at a pair of products from the show floor that can help you work more efficiently with your keyboard...

Macworld Expo 2010: Best of Show

The Macworld editors scoured the show floor to find the 11 products worthy of Best of Show. Here's a list of the winners.


Macworld Expo: Digital Pens and Input Devices

Digitally write on your screen in real time, and turn your MacBook trackpad into a tablet.


FastMac U-Socket and Verbatim Titan XS

In this video, I'll talk about the new U-Socket from FastMac. U-Socket is a power outlet with built-in USB ports for your home. I'll also look at Verbatim's new...