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10 Coolest Tech Devices to Bring to Work

While smartphones and tablets have stirred the bring-your-own-device crowd to action lately, employees have been bringing their own tech gadgets to work for years. Here's a look at some of the coolest BYOD tech, past and present.

Siri 'Lite' May Surface in Mountain Lion

A voice dictation feature is planned for the next update of Apple's iOS, effectively bringing some features of the iPhone's Siri to Macs.

Apple Patents Hint of 'iPen' Stylus for iPad, iPhone

Recent patent applications are for a stylus, dubbed the iPen, that could use haptic or optical technology to work with the company's iOS devices.

Judge Won't Let You Get Your Game On, Recommends Xbox 360 Ban

An ITC judges wants to prevent the import and sale of Xbox 360s in the United States.

Maker Faire 2012: A Gallery of Creations

Robots, Lego cities, music and more -- do-it-yourselfers showcase their ideas, inventions, and gadgets at the annual get-together.


Disney Technology Turns Everything into a Touch Device

Touche's "swept frequency capacitive sensing" can processing far more information than current touch sensors, detecting gestures body position.


New Sony Projector Can Show, Record Notes Scribbled Onto the Screen

Sony said Monday it will sell a projector that displays and saves notes scribbled onto the images it projects.


Skynet Espionage Begins: Unmanned Drone Creates 3D Models

New software from Autodesk lets you use regular pictures to create 3D models.

Google's Project Glass Eyewear: Next Big Google Flop or Hit?

Google dazzles our imagination with its augmented reality glasses, but could the Internet behemoth have a diamond or a dud on its hands?


Patent Litigation Risk Drives Microsoft to Move European Distribution Center

Microsoft is moving its European distribution center form Germany to the Netherlands due to ongoing patent litigation, a company spokesman confirmed Monday.

The DasKeyboard Brings Back the Feel of an IBM Selectric

The retro peripheral from Metadot is a real throwback but may actually help some people type faster.

Microsoft Demonstrates Vocal Translator

Gadget turns your words and voice into another language, but watching your 3D avatar talking in another tongue can be creepy.


iPad 3 Display: A Possible Peek

Repairs website iFixit analyzes a purported iPad 3 screen and declares it has double the resolution of the iPad 2 screen.


Google Glasses Are a Prescription for Disaster

Doesn't it seem like a bad time to develop digital displays in front of our eyes when they don't want us even texting on our phones in autos?


With Windows 8 Hybrid Laptops, it's all about the Trackpad

Ultrabook makers are reportedly worrying about how to integrate touchscreens with thin-and-light laptops, but don't forget the trackpad.