Don't-Miss Laptop Stories


Tested: VLC vs. Windows 10 video player. The winner may surprise you.

We tested six video players on Windows 10 to see which gives you the best battery life. The winner may shock you.

xps 13 beauty

Dell will ship XPS 13 Developer Edition "Project Sputnik" Linux laptops with Skylake chips

Super-thin "Project Sputnik" XPS 13 laptops from Dell with Ubuntu Linux and Intel Skylake chips are around the corner.


Surface Book, Surface Pro 4 firmware updates hit without battery-draining sleep fix

Microsoft delivers Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 firmware update, but remains silent on battery drain issues.

vaio z flip 2

Hands-on with the new Vaio Z that's flipping different

The new Vaio Z Flip 2-in-1 takes direct aim at the MacBook, offering Skylake CPUs and a flippable touchscreen, features Apple's laptops can't claim.

Two new Vaios land in our laps: The flipping crazy Vaio Z and surprisingly tough Vaio S

The Vaio Z turns the 2-in-1 concept on its head, and the Vaio S practically begs to be bent.

RealSense R200

Intel to ship $99 3D RealSense camera that will also support Android

Intel is adding Android OS support to its latest RealSense R200 webcam, which will sell for US$99.

Oculus Rift

Alienware announces an Oculus Rift bundle, and the first OLED gaming laptop

Alienware showed gamers some love at CES, offering a discounted Oculus Rift with its X51 system and announcing an OLED Alienware 13 laptop.

LG Gram 15 laptop

LG's new Gram 15 shows big-screened laptops can be light, too

Shortly after bringing its Gram line of laptops to the U.S., LG unveiled a new addition to its ultralight computer lineup with a 15-inch display at CES this year.

Panasonic Toughbook 20

Hands-on: Panasonic's Toughbook 20 is a 2-in-1 that's ready for war

Panasonic's new toughened notebook includes a detachable touchscreen and IP65 water resistance, and we got hands-on at CES 2016.

evga sc 17 laptop crop

EVGA explodes onto the scene with the SC-17—a stunning 4K gaming laptop

The company's debut laptop pairs a 4K screen with a slick and sleek 17-inch body and components for serious gaming.

ces16 pho 013 msilaptops

Hands-on with MSI's GS72 Stealth Pro, the gaming laptop you can control with your eyes

Gordon Mah Ung has his eyes wide open for this jaw-dropping hunk of gaming goodness.

Hands-on and eyes open with MSI's eye-tracking laptop

We go hands-on with MSI's new eye-tracking gaming powerhouse and check out the company's new "cheater" and laugh track modes.

Acer Travelmate P648

Dreaming of a wire-free laptop? It's getting closer to reality

In the not too distant future, PC makers want to free your laptop of wires and cables. Some announcements at CES signal progress toward that goal.

15-inch Samsung Notebook 9

New Samsung Notebook 9 laptop boasts a big screen with less bulk

The 15 inch display and slim design makes the Macbook Air look positively fat.


How HP Inc. designed the Elitebook Folio G1 to compete with the MacBook Air

The newly formed HP Inc. is using CES 2016 to introduce its MacBook Air challenger, the thin and light EliteBook Folio G1.

HP targets millennials with amped-up media features in mobile devices

HP is hoping crisp displays and high end speakers will help laptops appeal to millenial buyers.

IdeaPad Y900 gaming laptop

Lenovo's first action game coming this year

Lenovo is stretching outside its comfort zone by developing its first game ever, called Game State, an action and role-playing game that will debut later this year.

ces2016 lenovo thinkpad x1 yoga

OLED finally comes to laptops with Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Yoga hybrid

Lenovo moves on from the LCD technology that has been used in laptops for decades.