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Surface Book vs. MacBook Pro: It isn't twice as fast. It's three times as fast

Microsoft figured out how to put a discrete GPU into the Surface Book, and it does make a difference. We ran the benchmarks to find the truth.


Microsoft's entry-level Surface Book quietly gets a discrete Nvidia graphics option

The Microsoft Store added another $200 to the budget-level Surface Book in order to offer a dGPU option across the entire line.

surface book front back

Spec showdown: Surface Book vs. MacBook Pro, from cheapest to priciest

If there was any doubt which product Microsoft was gunning for, the spec sheet makes it abundantly clear.

lenovo yoga 900 3qtr oct 2015

Lenovo's 360-degree Yoga 900 laptop answers the Surface Book's challenge

Lenovo improved the premium convertible's famous watchband hinge and priced its configurations from $1200 to $1500. Yes, there's Skylake, too.

microsoft surface book detail left side ports surface pen

Microsoft's 1TB Surface Book appears with a jaw-dropping $3200 price tag

Think Microsoft's Surface Books are already too expensive? Wait until you see this $3,200 high-end model.

macbook pro retirement primary

New Microsoft trade-in deal will give you up to $300 for your old MacBook or laptop

Want up to $300? Trade-in your lightly used MacBook at a Microsoft Store location until Tuesday.


Eyes off! HP, 3M join forces to build native privacy screens into laptops

Future laptops to have privacy screen you turn on with the push of a button

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Surface Book laptop preorders sell out on Microsoft's site

Microsoft has sold out of pre-order units for its Surface Book laptop/tablet hybrid on its online store.


Toshiba Radius 12 review: It stuns with Skylake speed and a spectacular display

Toshiba's Radius 12 gives us our first chance to benchmark a Skylake laptop, and it's a shocker.

aspire z3 700

Acer reveals all-in-one Windows 10 PC with 5 hour battery backup

For users inclined to carry their desktops around the house, Acer has unveiled a light-weight all-in-one that offers 5 hours battery backup.

asus gx700 gaming laptop

Asus GX700 deep-dive: Here's what's inside the world's first water-cooled gaming laptop

This water-cooled laptop doesn't leak. We know, we tried.

g752 metal  12

Asus G752 revamps the ROG gaming laptop lineup with Skylake and Thunderbolt 3.0

Asus' updated gaming laptop gets Skylake, Thunderbolt 3.0 and an affordable price.

slider surface pro 4

Here are the details of the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 chips, and why they matter

Microsoft has confirmed the details of the CPUs inside the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book computers, as well as some details of the GPU, too.

01 luxury laptop intro

12 extreme, obscenely expensive laptop bags

All laptop bags are not created equally … and some cost a lot more than others. These 12 lavish notebook satchels may not be in your price range (unless you're a Saudi prince) but they're sure to inspire envy, confusion, disdain, or some odd combination of these emotions.

xs15 9550t gnb 00065rf100 gy

Dell's XPS laptops get bigger with the $999 XPS 15, and better with all-Skylake CPUs

Dell's XPS 13 now has a bigger cousin, the XPS 15, that should be equally sweet, especially now that all models come with some of the latest PC upgrades, from Skylake to Thunderbolt 3.