Don't-Miss Business Hardware Stories

HP eyeing $4 billion damages claim in Itanium case against Oracle

Hewlett-Packard may seek damages of US$4 billion to $4.2 billion from Oracle in its lawsuit over support for Itanium server architecture.

New BlackBerry PlayBook--don't hold your breath

BlackBerry may still be interested in producing a follow-up to its doomed BlackBerry Playbook tablet, but it's not a priority right now.

lenovo thinkpad T421s

Lenovo unveils redesigned, lighter weight ThinkPad

Lenovo is updating the design of its ThinkPad laptops to keep them up to date in a market where computers are getting thinner and lighter at a fast rate.

linksys routers

Linksys brand name survives as Belkin takes over from Cisco

Belkin has completed its acquisition of Linksys and will keep the longtime home networking company's brand, products, and support channels.

3G and 4G USB modems are a security threat, researcher says

The vast majority of 3G and 4G USB modems handed out by mobile operators to their customers are manufactured by a handful of companies and run insecure software, according to two security researchers from Russia.


Researcher: Security appliances are riddled with serious vulnerabilities

The majority of email and Web gateways, firewalls, remote access servers, UTM (united threat management) systems and other security appliances have serious vulnerabilities, according to a security researcher who analyzed products from multiple vendors.

BlackBerry extends Balance dual-personality features to Android, iOS devices

BlackBerry announces technology designed to securely separate work and personal data on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, as its Balance software does for new BlackBerry 10 devices.

AT&T, Verizon now accepting pre-orders for the $200 BlackBerry Z10

Pre-orders for the BlackBerry Z10 are now in full swing for two major U.S. mobile carriers.

The Chromebook family grows again with Acer's new C7

Aimed primarily at schools, this latest entry offers six hours of battery life.

Making BlackBerry cool again is a giant task

BlackBerry faces a herculean task in marketing the new Z10 smartphone to U.S. consumers.

HDMI vs. DisplayPort: Which display interface reigns supreme?

Both HDMI and DisplayPort are capable of sending high-definition video and audio from a source device to a display. So what's the difference? Is one display interface standard superior or more flexible compared to the other? We'll try to answer those questions in this head-to-head comparison of their feature sets and typical use scenarios.

Qualcomm learning how to incubate new technologies

Qualcomm has a big, well-funded research and development operation, but its program for commercializing new innovations is still a learning experience for the wireless chip maker.

Engenius announces new lineup of outdoor Wi-Fi access points and bridges

Engenius to ship inexpensive weatherized bridges and access points.