Don't-Miss Business Hardware Stories

The Chromebook Pixel gets a thumbs-up from Linus Torvalds

'The screen really is that nice,' says the father of Linux.


Seagate to halt production of 7200-rpm laptop hard drives

Seagate has tasted the need for high-performance speed and now plans to discontinue 7200-rpm laptop hard drives in favor of faster hybrid and solid state drives.

Western Digital claims HDD capacity doubled with nanotech breakthrough

Western Digital's HGST Labs announced a breakthrough in the ability to double HDD capacity through two innovative nantechnologies—self-assembling molecules and nanoimprinting.

HP shareholder revolt targets two directors, auditor over Autonomy purchase

An investor advisor group is asking shareholders of Hewlett-Packard not to re-elect two long-standing board members and to oppose the ratification of the company's audit firm in connection with the continuing controversy over the company's purchase of Autonomy.

Microsoft's dilemma: Office for the iPad or a bright future for the Surface tablets?

Microsoft needs to make up its mind whether it wants to stay a software company or if it's really serious about being a hardware power as well.

Businesses get new marketplace for used IT gear

Here's a new way for midsize and large businesses to unload or buy used servers, PCs, components and more.

Google Pixel Chromebook: Will it push the search giant into the retail business?

The latest tech giant expected to open its own stores is Google. The idea of a Google retail chain, first reported by 9-to-5 Google, isn’t so far-fetched even though Google has so far focused on direct sales to consumers through its online Google Play store.

Why Google bothered to make the Chromebook Pixel

Google's Chromebook Pixel is a stunning piece of hardware, but it's running a simplistic operating system that doesn't need hardcore performance. So why does this device even exist? The laptop's slogan provides the answer.

HP reports drop in profit but says turnaround effort making progress

Hewlett-Packard reported a drop in profit for the last quarter as printer and PC sales both declined, but said cost-cutting measures the company announced last year are starting to pay off.

Dell's 'Sputnik' Ubuntu Linux laptop gets a key upgrade

Now with a full HD display, this developer-focused machine will soon roll out in Europe as well.

Canon's Mixed Reality headset delivers augmented reality for an eye-watering price tag

Canon's new virtual reality eyewear is powered by a PC and beefier than Google Glass—but at 83 times the cost.


Square rolls out turnkey 'Business in a Box'

For as little as $300 (not including an iPad), you can set up a complete brick-and-mortar cash-register system.

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Oracle moves manufacturing jobs from Mexico to the US

Oracle is moving 130 manufacturing jobs from Mexico to Oregon in the U.S., a company spokeswoman said.