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Ubuntu 15.10 'Wily Werewolf' arrives with few changes as Ubuntu Phone work continues

The latest version of Ubuntu is here, but you won't find much beyond software version bumps in Wily Werewolf.

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Microsoft says take your cumulative Windows updates, they're good for you

Windows 10's mandatory updates rub just about everyone the wrong way. But Microsoft's Joe Belfiore said the company's policy of requiring cumulative updates to Windows 10 is actually better for reliability than the old model of letting users and IT administrators apply piecemeal patches.

Ubuntu delays PC-phone convergence as Microsoft's Windows 10 forges ahead

Ubuntu's vision of a phone that doubles as a PC was quietly delayed, while Microsoft's Windows 10 Phones will launch next month.

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Is Apple's OS X security honeymoon ending?

Apple scored unforgettable hits against Microsoft with its Mac vs. PC ads, which anthropomorphized Windows as a sneezing, miserable office worker.

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Microsoft finally releases a new Windows 10 Mobile build, but installing it is a doozy

Windows 10 Mobile insiders finally got access to a new build of Microsoft's operating system for smartphones, but the installation process is going to have many people seeing red.

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Microsoft finally delivers on Skype messaging promises with new Windows 10 beta

Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10565 for Windows 10 on Monday that includes the Skype messaging apps the company promised during the run-up to the operating system's launch.


Valve polishes up SteamOS 2.0 ahead of impending Steam Machine launch

Valve's getting its ducks in a row before the widespread launch of Steam Machines in November.

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GNOME 3.18 lands with Google Drive, integrated Linux firmware updates, new apps

Google Drive is finally on Linux, but that's not the only major improvement in GNOME 3.18

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Microsoft will let business users opt out of Windows 10 tracking

Privacy concerns have swirled around Windows 10 since its launch at the end of July. Microsoft responded Monday.

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Why Windows 10 is the most secure Windows ever

With Device Guard and Credential Guard, Windows enjoys unprecedented protection from malware and advanced persistent threats

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It's the year of the Linux desktop, for Dell, in China

Nearly half of all PCs that Dell sells into China are preloaded with NeoKylin Linux, according to a report.

Linus Torvalds giving the middle finger.

12 technologies that tick off Linux creator Linus Torvalds

If you enjoy a sharply-worded insult, read on. This slideshow’s for you.

GNOME bakes in native Drive integration as Google's cloud continues to shun Linux

After years of broken promises from Google about Linux support, GNOME desktop is taking matters into its own hands and natively integrating Google Drive into its file system.

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Kubuntu 15.10 will use KDE's polished Plasma 5.4 desktop

In a sea of same-y feeling Linux desktops, KDE's Plasma 5.4 is a breath of fresh air--and it's coming to Kubuntu 15.10.

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VMware touts new technologies for managing containers and live migration of virtual machines

At the VMworld conference in San Francisco, VMware demonstrated how to move a live virtual machine across two different data centers, and showed off its new container management software.