Don't-Miss OS X Stories

Windows Phone 8 Will Be Deeply Integrated With Windows 8 OS

Microsoft says its new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8, will be deeply integrated with the Windows 8 OS in tablet and desktop PCs. No upgrade for existing WP7 users, however.


Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 Event: 5 Questions That Need Answers

Will Windows Phone 7 owners be able to upgrade? What about maps? How will Windows Phone 8 work with Windows 8? These and other questions may be answered at today's Microsoft event.

Microsoft Surface Tablet: 5 Questions

Microsoft's new Surface tablet looked good at its introduction, but questions about pricing, arrival, connectivity, and more remain unanswered.

Apple iOS 6 Rumored to Include Podcasts App

Getting its own turf will likely be a boon to both the people who consume Podcasts, as well as those who broadcast them.


Microsoft Schedules Two Major Mystery Media Events Next Week

Microsoft will host media events in Los Angeles on June 18 and in San Francisco on June 20. Best guesses so far focus on Windows 8 RT tablets and/or Windows Phone 8 announcements.


64-bit Operating Systems, Virtualization Software Vulnerable to Privilege Escalation Attacks on Intel CPUs

Some 64-bit operating systems and virtualization software programs are vulnerable to local privilege escalation attacks when running on Intel processors (CPUs)...

5 Things Microsoft Doesn't Want You to Know

Microsoft is trying to move toward the cloud while propping up Windows, Office and other client-based money-makers. As the software giant moves in those two...


Windows 7: The New XP?

When Windows 8 comes out, my guess is that people will stay away from the new version of the operating system and stick with Windows 7.


Apple Runs Out of Retina MacBook Pros

Apple's new laptop is facing shipping delays of three to four weeks, and eBay resellers are cashing in on the shortage.

15 Best Windows 8 Apps to Get You Started

I've tried with ALL of the available Windows 8 apps and I have to admit, I enjoyed most of them. They offer a leaner experience of services I've come to know and love. During the entire period of the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, all Metro apps are free -- so go out and shop! Here's the best of the bunch:

Windows 8: 5 Things to Love and Hate

Let's take a look at Microsoft's latest beta version of Windows 8 to see five things to love and hate about the new operating system.

TechHive: Apple WWDC 2012--The Major Announcements

Announced today: iOS 6, new MacBooks, a next-gen MacBook Pro, new features in the Mountain Lion OS, a new version of Safari, and more. Here are the details.

Another Look at Chrome

Analysis: Google has polished Chrome, and the operating system is starting to shine on the newest Chromebooks.