Don't-Miss OS X Stories

Over 900,000 Android Devices Activated Every Day, Says Google's Rubin

First-quarter shipments of Android smartphones were up 145 percent on a year earlier, giving the OS a global smartphone market share of 59 percent, according to IDC.


iOS6, New MacBooks Expected to Headline Apple Developer's Conference

New maps app and more retina displays predicted by Apple watchers awaiting Monday's opening day of the WWDC.


HP and Oracle, Now Headed for a Split, Could Have Split up Sun

One of the more surprising episodes in Hewlett-Packard and Oracle's ill-fated enterprise IT partnership was touched upon for only a few minutes during testimony.

Live Update: WWDC Keynote 2012

Apple's 2012 annual Worldwide Developers Conference is now in progress. Let's see what Cupertino is up to.


Microsoft: 600 Million Windows 7 Licenses Sold

A passel of PC users appear to be happy with Windows 7 but that version isn't even the Windows operating system with the most users.


Microsoft to Run Linux on Azure

After years of battling Linux as a competitive threat, Microsoft is now offering Linux-based operating systems on its Windows Azure cloud service.

Flame Malware Spreading Itself Via Bogus Windows Updates

The program is creating bogus certificates that allow it to fool Windows into thinking that certain components of Flame are Microsoft products.


Intel Open to Windows Phone OS on Smartphones

Intel is open to bringing Microsoft's Windows Phone OS to smartphones based on its x86 chips, but only if it is commercially viable, the company said on Tuesday...

Windows 8's Built-in AV to Be Security of Last Resort

Microsoft's Windows 8 will activate its built-in antivirus software only if it senses that the PC is not protected by another security program, says McAfee.


Ubuntu OS for Smartphones May Come Next Year

The Ubuntu operating system for smartphones is getting closer to release, with Canonical officials hinting the release will possibly come as early as later this...

Windows 8 Upgrades Cost $15, But You Should Wait

Securing your upgrade now might seem like a deal, but on second thought, consider whether today's hardware is best equipped to run Microsoft's new operating system.


Windows 8 iPad Rivals Ahoy!

As Microsoft's refreshed operating system nears release, tablets running Windows 8 are starting to appear -- and the next batch may be at Computex.

Confirmed: Windows 8 Upgrades for $15

Microsoft confirms it will kick off a Windows 8 upgrade program this week, giving buyers of new Windows 7 PCs the chance to get the unreleased Windows 8 at a steep discount.