Don't-Miss OS X Stories

Windows 8 Release Preview Impressions

Microsoft's Windows 8 Release Preview demonstrates just how far the company has come with its new OS. Will it be enough to convert the naysayers?


Microsoft Thwarts Start Button Hacks as New Windows 8 Build Launches

Microsoft wants to kill the Start button on Windows 8 so badly it is working proactively to stop people from coding their own Start button into the OS.


Microsoft to Ship Windows 8 Release Preview Today

Microsoft will ship Windows 8 Release Preview Thursday, several days earlier than expected, according to a blog briefly posted by the company.


Chrome OS Update Adds Traditional Desktop Feel

The problem Google faces is that its Web-centric laptops have not caught on with regular users in any significant way.


Chinese Version of Windows 8 Release Preview Leaked Online

Based on screenshots posted by users and a brief preview video, the leak appears genuine and offers some improvements over the original Windows 8 beta.


Fedora 17 Takes to the Cloud

The newest release of the Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Linux distribution includes a number of technologies that haven't made their way into Red Hat Enterprise Linux...

Samsung Preps Two New Chromebooks as Google Updates Chrome OS, Apps

Samsung will launch this week two new Chrome OS-based computers, a laptop and desktop that have been designed to be significantly faster and more versatile than...

Tech Survivors: Geek Technologies That Still Thrive 25 to 50 Years Later

These 17 technologies remain core to the computing experience for IT, engineers, and developers.

With Motorola's Help, Google May Introduce Android to the Office

Samsung, the biggest maker of Android devices, is already trying to sell both tablets and smartphones for workplaces, while Lenovo is doing the same with tablets.

What Windows 8? Microsoft Pushes XP-to-Win 7 Migration

Microsoft is pushing businesses to move from XP to Windows 7, with little mention of Windows 8.


Linux Mint 13 Rallies Behind Gnome

With the new version of Linux Mint, released Wednesday, the developers behind the open source Linux distribution have put all energies behind Gnome, offering two...

Windows 8 Puts End to Endless Reboots

Microsoft yesterday promised that a feature it's added to Windows 8 will put a stop to endless reboots.


Ballmer: Windows 8 Will Bring 'Rebirth' of Microsoft OS

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer thinks that Windows 8 is the most important piece of work the Redmond-based company has ever done.