Don't-Miss OS X Stories

Half of All Macs Will Lack Access to Security Updates by Summer

Unless Apple changes its security update practice, nearly half of all Mac users will be adrift without patches sometime this summer.

Windows 8 'ARM' Tablets: A Disaster in the Making

Microsoft has revealed that Windows 8 tablets powered by ARM chips will be no easier to manage in the enterprise than iPads are.


Dell XPS 13: Gray With MacBook Air Envy

The XPS 13 is a fine, well-made, durable-seeming laptop with some style, but some people may prefer to spend their money on a faster processor and a lot more storage.

Windows 8 Dumps Default DVD Playback

Microsoft's Windows 8 will not ship with support for DVD playback. It says DVD playback will require a "marginal cost" OS upgrade or a third-party solution.

German Court Grants Motorola an Injunction Against Windows 7 and Xbox

Motorola Mobility won an injunction on Wednesday preventing distribution of Microsoft products including Windows 7 and the Xbox in Germany, but it can't enforce...

Flashback Culprits Could Be Making $10,000 a Day Off Infected Macs

Symantec spells out the malware's money-making mechanism: click fraud.

Slow Uptake of Windows 8 Preview Hints at Users' Lack of Interest

Windows users appear half as interested in trying out the new Windows 8 as they did three years ago when they jumped at the chance to test drive Windows 7.

Windows Phone Is 'Beautiful', Better Than Android: Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak prefers his Windows Phone to Android, but the iPhone is still his favorite.


Why Linux Is a Desktop Flop

It's robust, easy to use, and free. So why isn't it more widely adopted?

Apple Won't Merge MacBook, iPad, CEO Assures

Combining a laptop and tablet simply won't work, which is why Microsoft's plan to deploy Windows 8 on both will be a disaster, Apple CEO Tim Cook declares.

Avast Offers Free Security for Mac OS X

Mac OS X has caught the attention of malicious developers, and the threat is just going to increase. The free Avast for Mac security software can protect your Mac system against malware.

Google Engineer Blames Wireless Carriers for Wait on Android OS Updates for Nexus Smartphones

The lag in updates may have influenced Google's decision to start selling the unlocked Galaxy Nexus directly for $400.


Microsoft Fixes Issues with Office for Mac 2011 SP2

Microsoft pulled Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 2 after some users experienced issues. Those bugs were fixed, and now SP2 is being pushed once again.