Don't-Miss OS X Stories

Windows 8 May Not be Sold Solo

Consumers may have access to OEM editions usually sold by hardware partners, which cost less but come with less support and flexibility.


TechHive: Your Android Jelly Bean Questions Answered

We've compiled the most frequently asked questions about Android 4.1 with answers. If you don't find your answer there, ping us.

Some Lion-Powered Macs Won't be Upgradable to Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion's requirements are more stringent than its predecessor, Lion.


Android Ice Cream Sandwich Superguide Available Now

Scoop up PCWorld's guide to Ice Cream Sandwich, and have all the essentials for Google’s latest mobile OS at your fingertips.


Java-based Web Attack Installs Backdoors on Windows, Linux, Mac Computers

A new Web-based social engineering attack that relies on malicious Java applets attempts to install backdoors on Windows, Linux and Mac computers, according to...

Mountain Lion Release Coming Soon, with Windows 8 to Follow

The Gold Master release of OS X Mountain Lion has been given to developers, meaning the company is on track for a public release before July ends.


Windows 8 Consumer Availability is October

OS on pace for OEM availability in August and the official consumer release in October.


Windows 8 Lags Windows 7 in Previews

Statistics from Net Applications indicate a lukewarm reception for Windows 8, which is being adopted in its prerelease form at much lower numbers than Windows 7 in its early days.

Apple Fights for Snow Leopard Trademark in China

A Chinese company accuses Apple of infringing its trademark of the name Snow Leopard, in the wake of a multimillion-dollar settlement over the name iPad.

Apple Could Overtake Windows Platform in Two Years, Analyst Says

Apple has almost reached Microsoft's once seemingly unbeatable lead in the platform war, new data reveals.

Windows 8, OS X Upgrades by the Numbers

Like 2009, this year is one of dueling operating system upgrades, when the two biggest OS rivals face off with new editions.

RIM Boss Says Company Isn't in 'Death Spiral'

Thorsten Heins said that the company is 'very, very challenged at the moment' but that it was going through a transitional period.

Mozilla Gathers Support for Firefox Mobile OS

Mozilla confirms details of its Firefox mobile operating system, which it plans to release win 2013 with several partners.