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HTC introduces four new budget phones to its Desire family

The Desire 520, 526, 626, and 626s are all low-end phones that cater to both pre-paid and value markets.

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Uber settles suit over girl killed by driver

The terms of the settlement in the 2013 incident are confidential


Report: Next Moto G will gain customization with Moto Maker

If this is the case, the Moto G will gain an attractive, exclusive feature over rival mid-range devices.

cell phone smartphone in pocket

You’re likely getting more smartphone radiation than you think because pockets

You get more radiation from a phone in your pocket, but most smartphone makers assume you're using something that separates it from your body.

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Samsung may bump up Galaxy Note 5's launch to avoid Apple's new iPhone

We all expect to see the Galaxy Note 5 debut in the coming weeks. But a new report says Samsung's newest phablet may come earlier than usual.

zenfone windows7

Windows 7 running on an Asus ZenFone 2 is too cool not to share

There's no real world usage for this kind of hack, but it's pretty neat to see nonetheless.


LG G4 Beat is a mid-tier phone that doesn't sound terrible

The Beat's camera features look promising, though LG has cut a few corners in the spec department.

Rumor: Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus will be big phones with different processors

Samsung may introduce two mega-sized phones this fall. One will allegedly use an Exynos processor, while the other will default back to Qualcomm.

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Five smartphones to look forward to

The second half of 2015 looks as exciting as the first for smartphone buyers

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Xiaomi faces challenge to reach sales goal, amid slowing smartphone growth

Xiaomi sold 34.7 million smartphones in the first six months of 2015

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Xiaomi break outs of Asia, introduces phones to Brazil

Xiaomi is tapping Foxconn to build its phones in a local factory to reduce costs

moto g 2015 leak

Leaked Moto G render shows simple, reserved design on the 2015 model

Outside of a vertical button strip on the back, Motorola is going the 'don't mess with success' route for its Moto G refresh.

chrome for android

How Google uses robots to test Android phones for lag

The Chrome TouchBot checks for touchscreen latency on both Android and Chrome OS devices.

Samsung's next-gen tech could spawn smaller, supercharged batteries

Samsung researchers have found a way to make silicon a more viable material for future lithium-ion batteries.

oneplus two

OnePlus 2 unveil set for July 27 with virtual reality showcase

It's another strange marketing move from OnePlus, which is trying to gain credibility while also hold onto its edge.