Don't-Miss Phone Stories

htcone 18

Leaked screenshots reveal HTC Sense 6 running on Android Lollipop

The pictures show a redesigned notification tray and card-style multitasking menu.


Sony's new 21MP camera sensor will bring lightning-fast autofocus to smartphones next year

It should be ready in the spring, so we could see it in a new crop of smartphones beginning next summer.

fujitsu led

Fujitsu hides secret messages for smartphones inside LED light sources

Just aim a smartphone camera at a lit object and an app calls up relevant information

AT&T kills the 'permacookie,' stops tracking customers' Internet usage (for now)

The mobile carrier says it was testing the tracking technology, but it didn't rule out reintroducing permacookies in the future.

nokia brand licensing

Nokia phones could return, just not from Microsoft

Nokia phones are dead, long live Nokia phones? The company reportedly can put its name on smartphones beginning in 2016, but the company's actual plans are unknown.

galaxyedge 2

Samsung downplays Galaxy Note Edge design concerns on US launch day

Engineers dropped it over 1,000 times in testing, so your very expensive investment may hold up to rough treatment.

Moto X

Motorola is winning the Lollipop race, rolling it out to 2nd gen Moto X, Moto G

LG claimed to be first with Lollipop, but Motorola is actually delivering the goods.

nexus 6

T-Mobile delays Nexus 6 launch a week as Sprint, AT&T prep for release

Motorola may have shortchanged its supply, forcing the Magenta network to scrap its plans to sell the phone Nov. 12.

galaxy s4

Leaked video shows TouchWiz-styled Android Lollipop running on a Galaxy S4

It’s an early build that's missing some features, but it should give hope to those still using Samsung’s last-generation flagship.

motox lala

Motorola may have won the 'First to Lollipop' prize with the new Moto X

Motorola has already published a software update page to its site for Androud Lollipop—if it's okay, that means it's way ahead of Google's update to its own Nexus devices.

android lollipop forest

Android Lollipop build available for older devices, but it’s only for the brave

The XDA Developers strike again, but you’re probably better off waiting for the real thing from Google.

project ara 01

Move over Ara? Mystery startup Vsenn is building a phone with swappable components, too

A ‘former Nokia Android X program manager’ is supposedly the brains behind this latest smartphone with swappable components, but details are very light.

oneplusone 9215

500K OnePlus One phones sold, aims for 1 million total in 2014

The Chinese company keeps chugging along, even with an invite-only sales system and some self-induced hiccups.