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oneplus 2 2427

OnePlus officially announces its second-generation flagship, the OnePlus 2

If you were following along with the staggered leaks over the past few weeks, you already know the most important bits.


The next Moto G can survive a storm or drop in a puddle, according to latest leak

You'll also have plenty of color choices to give the phone a customized look.

Windows 10 Mobile Build 10136

More details emerge about the Cityman and Talkman Lumia phones

Microsoft hasn't released a flagship Windows phone in more than a year. This fall we may finally see a Lumia worthy of the upcoming Windows 10 rollout.


New Moto X may fix your low-light selfie problems with front-facing flash

Leaked pictures also indicate Motorola found a way to integrate the fingerprint sensor into the bottom speaker.


Fall 2015 Android phone preview

Curious about the hottest Android phones coming out this fall? Here's what we know so far.


PCWorld News

Line aims lightweight chat app at developing countries

Line Lite is under 1MB and doesn't have audio and video, but it reflects the company's strategy

oneplus 2 leak

OnePlus 2 leak reveals a more angular design, hints at laser autofocus

A Chinese regulator spoiled the one-tease-at-a-time method OnePlus was using to lead up to the phone's July 27 launch.

windows 10 mobile phone home screen

Here's what the worst Windows 10 phones will have for tech specs

Microsoft outlines the minimum requirements for Windows 10 handsets. Hopefully you'll never be stuck with them.

PCWorld News

Higher-end phones help Huawei rake in the cash

Huawei's phone business is focused on making a profit, and not just shipping large volumes

PCWorld News

ZTE fights off low-end stereotype with high-end Axon phone

ZTE's new Axon phone will arrive next month in the US

htc one m9 front bottom

HTC One M9 and Galaxy Note Edge get Android updates this week

It's another slow week in the world of Android updates, though a couple of models get the bump to Android 5.1.

moto announcement

New Moto announcements set for July 28

With yet another Moto G leak, we have a pretty good idea about where Motorola is going with its smartphone design.

the london

Iconic audio company Marshall unveils an Android phone for music lovers

The London has the retro texture and styling of one of the company's recognizable guitar amps.

n4 front

5 things we hope to see in the Galaxy Note 5

The rumor mill is on fire, so we figured we'd fire off with our own wish list of what we want to see in Samsung's next-gen phablet.

android and ios sound settings equalizer levels and presets 6

6 gotta-know sound settings for Android and iOS

Clicking the volume rocker isn't the only way to control the sound on your Android phone or iPhone. You can make key taps "click," assign different ringtones to your favorite contacts, tweak your equalizer levels, and more.